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Hollywood Movies Filmed in Africa

Hollywood Movies Filmed in Africa

Africa is not only known for its beautiful scenery and friendly people, but also as a prime film location for inter-continental and international blockbusters. From the latest installment of the popular Mad Max franchise,...

7 Popular Dishes To Know In African Cuisine

African cuisine is as diverse as the many cultures that exist on the continent, and its cuisine is not only reflective of this rich diversity but is also full of flavour. Besides the great-tasting...
Temphousing Nigeria

How Creative Architecture Is Finding A Home In Africa

Home development firms, architects and designers across Africa are not only providing a solution to the continent’s housing problems, especially in big cities, but are also contributing to building up the continent’s urban living...
african storytelling

The Importance of African Storytelling in Film

Years a Slave, Blood Diamond, Tsotsi, and the most recent Queen of Katwe; have gone on global screens, showing the often distorted African story with authenticity and dignity. It's an exciting time for African...
misconceptions and stereotypes about Africa

10 Common Misconceptions And Stereotypes About Africa

When you travel out of Africa and meet individuals who have never been to the continent, most of the time they tend to have certain perceptions that depict the continent in ways that are...
african authors

3 Books by African Authors to Have on Your Reading List

The Curious Case of Dasso by Fouad Laroui Publisher: Paperback (June 28, 2016)The Curious Case of Dassoukine’s Trousers humorously explores the realism of life in a world where everything is foreign, in a reflecting of unique short...
Akin Omotoso

10 Favorite Films of Akin Omotoso

Akin Omotoso directed the award-winning film Vaya which will be having its European premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, 2017. The film was also screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at...

How Graffiti Artists Are Driving The Matatu Industry In Nairobi

THE MORE SWANKY THE BETTERMatatus (Public transport buses/vans) are iconic on the busy streets of Nairobi. Graffiti artists try to make each matatu louder than the next with custom designs covered in flashy colors,...

Here’s What R5 Million Gets You in South Africa Today

If you have R5 million to spend on a home, or dream about having R5 million to spend on a home, we have hand picked three options in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, to...

10 African Weddings, 10 Countries

In Africa, despite some westernization, it is important to stick to the local traditions during celebrations. This is the case, for example, with the celebration of a marriage in which traditional practices are still...

Nshima : Zambia’s Staple Food

Original article published at TasteAtlas.Nshima is a staple food in Zambia – a very thick and smooth porridge made from ground maize. It is quite similar to the Kenyan ugali and the Zimbabwean sadza. Nshima is always consumed...

Thieboudienne: Senegalese Fish and Rice Meal

This article was originally posted on Taste AtlasThieboudienne is the national dish of Senegal, an aromatic combination of fish, vegetables, and rice in a hearty tomato sauce flavored with...

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