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African Digital Innovators Don’t Wait to Market Your Brand’s in 2018

African Digital Innovators Don’t Wait to Market Your Brand’s in 2018

by William Jackson @wmjackson

African Digital Innovators,

What may happen when African digital innovators wait to develop and market their Brand? They may be left behind. The growth of digital recognition has expanded beyond Google Analytics and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), because of the expansion of the digital infrastructure happening on the African continent.

The development of I-trepreneurs and Entrepreneurs are giving individual Africans the Branding power and prominence to create digital footholds and broaden their reach with created content.
Africans are a growing movement in STEM and STEAM careers addressing educational initiatives that encourage learning and skill development. There are awesome innovative leaders,developers and thought leadership is well respected.

As instructors in Social Media and STEAM the challenge is teachingstudents to know what skills are necessary to compete for jobs before graduation. Understanding the value of a Brand, Marketing to a world of global competition and even globalization.  Africans throughout the continent are involved in many areas of technology and becoming agents of digital change. The following suggestions provided by William Jackson and Aida Correa, are designed to further help Africans of all ages to get started.

  1. Create your Brand and Market yourself before you start your career.
  2. Marketing shows your talents, abilities, work ethic, leadership abilities, being able to function in diverse environments, acceptance and tolerance of diversity.
  3. Learn to adapt to and function in the diversity of cultures.
  4. African students must see themselves as investments. The more you grow the better investment you are to yourself and future employers.
  5. Don’t wait until your last year to rush to create a resume or a vitae. Start in the first year and build by creating a living document of accomplishments, volunteerism, learning, leadership, community activism and collaboration.
  6. Show yourself as well rounded; the combination of academics, extra-curricular activities, volunteerism, all need to show your contribution to things bigger than you are.
  7. Content creators look at the world globally not just locally expand your world view.
  8. Believe that your major course of study will have national and potentially international influence.
  9. Learn to be familiar with foreign languages. Dedicate yourself that you will learn a new language, one you may have to use when traveling.
  10. Network with cultural groups and participate in community events like festivals and socials. Never assume that there is already someone at an event that knows what you know.
  11. It is important for Africans to learn how to integrate Social Media tools and platforms beyond gaming. These multi-functional, diversely dynamic platforms can allow for communication around the world.
  12. Being technology savvy is important and just as importantly is how to apply that knowledge.
  13. Have a reliable list of resources to help you grow. Library services are great places to start because librarians are experts at integrating diverse technology tools. Emma Kent, librarians at Edward WatersCollege is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional that embraces technology. Twitter – @librariantiger
  14. Africans must adapt their thinking as they matriculate through school. Their ideas, opinions, skills, networks will change. This change should be seen in their attire, their speech and self-confidence.
  15. Your visual personality is just as important as your e-personality and e-reputation.
  16. During growth take advantage of tutoring and learning outside of academics. Attend tutoring for interview skills, cultural understanding, career counseling, and even role playing directed at your career interests. The more prepared you are the better prepared you are.

This blog and others is about Africans building Brands for themselves and marketing themselves before graduation from high school and college. Establishing careers by networking, digital visibility, and attending conferences like WordCamp. African youth, teens and young
adults have dreams of digital careers, the most dangerous thing is to put your dreams on hold and to be fearful to even start.

William Jackson sponsors of WordCampNairobi Kenya 2017 #MyQuestToTeach