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5 Top Investment Opportunities in Tanzania

Once known mainly for Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, Tanzania is seeing a change in the balance between the number of tourists and investors coming to the country. Driving from the airport, my taxi driver...

5 Top Investment Opportunities in Senegal

La Fourchette is a central Dakar specialty. The restaurant is full of Dakar’s social class and serves a completely enchanting menu. Many patrons come from all over the world but not just for the...

Opportunities in Mozambique: 5 Sectors Worth Investing In

The immigration officer stares anxiously at the Portuguese passport. It’s not an uncommon sight at Maputo’s International Airport as the country is increasingly seeing foreigners at its ports of entry with an interest in...

4 Top Investment Opportunities in the DRC

Two businessmen on their iPhones argue over Congolese economic policy at Le Café Conc, an expensive French restaurant in the middle of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)  The businessmen...

Why You Should Invest in Zimbabwe

The news coming from the Western press about Zimbabwe leaves little to be desired about the small former British colony. The Zimbabwe economy has seen rough days. Hyperinflation decimated the economy, particularly between 2005...

Telecom Towers: From Kenya to the Rest of Africa

Africans still pay far more for telecommunications than western countries as a proportion of their overall income. In Kenya, the darling of African telecom expansion, where many incomes still fall below the World Bank’s...
south sudan

Sudan and South Sudan: Tale of Two Countries

While landing in Khartoum, it is hard to ignore the new high rises and unexpected façade of a real estate boom. Surely it must be a façade because this is Khartoum. For those who...
dairy cow

The Cash Cow Of Africa – Dairy

On a recent visit to Rwanda, I made a visit to a few grocery stores and found the milk section lacking, except in Nakumatt, which situates itself within the market as a high end...
Investment in ethiopia

5 Top Opportunities for Investment in Ethiopia (II)

The times are changing in the Horn of Africa and the larger East Africa region. Ethiopia – once the byword for famine in the region – is garnering attention from foreign investors.In Part I...

BRICS: What’s In It For Africa?

The BRICS group of emerging economies (made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) gather at the 5th annual BRICS summit in Durban, South Africa. It is the first time the summit...

Investing in Somaliland (Part II)

Last week, we looked at investing in Somaliland, whose economy is characterized by its informality, and entrepreneurship. This week, we delve into different sectors, starting with the telecommunications market, which is booming but still...

Investing in Somaliland- Is it Dubai 20 Years Ago?

Somaliland. Not Somalia. Somaliland has been an independent region of Somalia proper for more than 20 years. Yet, most Westerners do not associate the former British protectorate with 20 years of independence and stability...

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