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WEF Africa Debate: General Electric: Powering Africa With Innovative Technologies

This panel focuses on how GE has been powering the African continent over the last 120 years with different innovative technologies.
Freelancer Working

Freelancing in Africa: A Growing Trend On the Continent

Freelancing is rapidly growing across Africa. This way of working provides a variety of opportunities, for both men and women, that run parallel with the economic dynamism that the continent is currently...
Raghav Prasad

Special WEF Edition: Top10 Business News

World Economic Forum EditionGuest Curated by Raghav Prasad, Division President, Mastercard Sub-Saharan Africa
Kenya investment

5 Investment Opportunities in Kenya

Kenya has been experiencing steady growth for quite some time now. The economic forecast has been positive with the World Bank predicting a growth rate of 6.6 percent this year and 7 percent come 2017....
small business

Real Transformation Involves The Entire Enterprise, Not Just Technology

The concept of digital transformation has received significant attention in recent years
Investing In Change

Investing In Change: The Start-ups Changing Healthcare Through Innovation

A change in the way we see, and deliver, healthcare has been a burgeoning investment in start-ups in the sector. In 2017 alone, the estimated global investment in healthcare start-ups sat at...

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: What Does It Mean?

We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will...

Productive and Empowered Women Entrepreneurs in Kigoma

A women empowerment programme in Kigoma, Tanzania has supported 82 women entrepreneurs to make their work more valuable, efficient and less hard and is helping tackle poverty and increase living standards in...
CFO’s, Technology, Finance,

The Big Trio: CFO’s, Technology And Finance

By Matthew Kibby, vice president for Sage Enterprise Africa & Middle EastThe accelerating speed of business and increasing volumes of data are changing the nature of finance.
doing business in africa

New Pro-business U.S.-Africa Policy Approach Opens Opportunities for American Firms Patient Capital

Historically, the majority of American firms have remained hesitant to commit capital to Africa. The continent has been viewed by many investors as too risky,
Patricia Obozuwa & Brenda Mbathi

Women Leaders In Africa: Building Careers

As GE Africa turns 120 we are committed to providing real customer value in Africa and to making a positive sustainable difference together with our customers.

28th World Economic Forum on Africa To Focus on Inclusive Growth in the Fourth...

Sub-Saharan Africa’s future prosperity hinges on the ability of its leaders to create inclusive, sustainable growth at a time of rapid transformation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This will be the main...

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