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Blouberg Cape Town

Property and Lifestyle in Blouberg Cape Town

Blouberg in Cape TownFlying into Cape Town International Airport, looking out towards Robben Island you will see a massive area of urban activity.What you...
ALU students - flags

ALU Recognized By Global Institutions

Fred Swaniker has been on a roll over these last two months.  Last week he was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Important People in the World.  And last month,...
Cashless Africa

Creating A Cashless Africa

Across Africa, there has historically been a heavy reliance on cash, with around 95 percent of retail transactions taking place in cash. Global and local organisations are investing in innovative digital payment...
Maize crops Benin

Benin’s Agriculture Has A Good Season, But It Wasn’t Easy

Théophile Houssou, a maize farmer from Cotonou, has spent sleepless nights lying awake worrying about the various disasters that could befall any farmer, often wondering, “What if it rains heavily and all my...
Africa’s zig zag investment ecosystem

Fixing Africa’s Zig Zag Investment Ecosystem

Apart from Nigeria and to some extent South Africa when it comes to the tech ecosystem, most African markets are too small for one to gain significant valuation within one market.

Stakeholders Talk On Nigeria Oil And Gas Free Zones

Stakeholders talk Oil and Gas Free Zones as viable grounds for promoting sustainable development goals and also discuss the triple bottom line criteria for sustainable development - economic growth, social inclusion and...
Women in Farming Industry

How Women Are Shaping The Farming Industry

When it comes to agriculture and farming in Africa, women have played a large role in shaping the future. As the continent moves forward, many believe that women are the key to...

5 Reasons to Invest in Mozambique

One of South Africa’s top five African trading partners, Mozambique has been one of the ‘fastest-growing economies’ on the continent for the last two-and-a-half decades. It has outperformed both regional and global growth averages,...
Africa global economy

Can Africa Fill The Glass?

“Africa has what the world wants but requires a 30-year instead of a 5-year view”Africa, often regarded as the last frontier in the global economy, can either be...

The 3rd Agrofood & Plastprintpack Ethiopia

Conferences on Financing for SMEs, Recycling, Reducing food losses and waste & Post-harvest losses - Focus on food safetyDue to the upbeat market development and an ever...

Study Reveals SA’s Economic & Social Decline The Worst Of Nations Not At War

According to Eunomix Business and Economics, South Africa’s social, economic and political field has deteriorated more in the past 12 years, than any other nation that is not at war. The political...

7 Leading Real Estate Companies in South Africa

South Africa’s real estate market has had a tough few years. The socio-political landscape and economic climate have also done little to alleviate the pressure. There are many people stating that the...

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