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Africa Continues To Be Ripe For Investment

Julien Fouriot, sales director for Africa at Crosscall, the French specialists of phones designed for outdoor environments.Even though economic growth is slowing globally, technology innovation is unlocking unparalleled...
Standard Bank

Standard Bank Announces Launch of Investor Services in Côte d’Ivoire

Standard Bank expands Investor services to cover the West African Economic and Monetary Union region.Standard Bank today announced the launch of Investor Services business in Côte d'Ivoire, expanding...
jobs in Africa

Where Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Africa?

Have you ever wondered which are the highest paying jobs in Africa? We all want to experience steady career growth; as a result, we’re always on the lookout for better job opportunities. Thanks to...
Property in South Africa

A Basic Guide to Investing in Property in South Africa

A quick drive around South Africa’s major cities such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Pretoria reveals one unmissable feature: amid shiny, high-rise buildings, towering cranes compete for attention as they transport hefty loads up...

Smart Cities Looking to Thrive Will Invest in The Big Six

The term Smart City is not a new one and, while some examples already exist on the African continent, it is not as widespread as it should be. Urbanization, Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability requirements...
Tech Talent Africa

10 Reasons Why Africa is a Source for Top Tech Talent

Technology is fast growing in Africa and so is tech talent. The continent is experiencing transformative impact as a result of technology. From rural Ghana where low income earners are able to buy insurance...

Entrepreneurial Edge: From SA To Dubai, How This African Restaurant Went Global

The tough world of running Africa’s biggest purveyor of fish, in a sea of new regulations and growing competition – Ocean Basket CEO, Grace Harding opens up on the difficulties of serving...
Hajia Bola Shagaya - Nigeria

10 Top Female Business Leaders

The past few years have seen a rise in the number of women-owned businesses in Africa. Be it in IT, oil, mining, or in the aviation sector, female entrepreneurs are breaking gender stereotypes and...
Renewable Energy Start Ups in Africa

10 Renewable Energy Start Ups in Africa

Africa has an immense energy crisis. In a continent with a population of close to 1 billion, over 625 million people are without power. According to the International Energy Agency, that makes up 68%...

Pros & Cons of the Rapid Growth of African Cities

When I walk through my street in the evening or try to beat the traffic at dawn going to work in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, the rapid growth repeatedly spoken of in the...

WEF Africa Debate: Strategic Investment And Innovation For Sustainable Healthcare In Africa

This live interactive discussion on The State of Healthcare in Africa puts the spotlight on how technology and innovation can contribute to impacting and improving the future of healthcare on the continent....

Six Important Highlights from WEF Africa

A multi-media report featuring full length video of each WEF sessionAfrica Economic UpdateA key component of WEF Africa was establishing where Africa’s macro-economy...

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