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Ismail Ahmed on Reducing Inequalities in Emerging Markets

Op-Ed: Global Remittances at the Forefront of Reducing Inequalities in Emerging Markets

By Ismail Ahmed, Founder of digital money transfer company, WorldRemit.The company was set up in 2010, with the vision of making it easier and cheaper for...

Sustainable and Social Good Production

Tosheka Textiles is a social entrepreneurial enterprise also known for its sustainable and social good production. The company was founded in a semi-arid county in South-Eastern Kenya, Makueni, in the town of Wote. CLICK IMAGES...

Nigeria’s Map Regulation: What Are Its Opportunities & Challenges?

The race to close Nigeria’s 5 million metering gap took a turn for the better after the Meter Asset Provider Regulation took effect in April last year. Since then about 108 firms...
Africa unique markets

Africa’s Unique Markets For Multinationals

What does Africa unique markets have to offer? In recent years, Africa has rapidly become an attractive investment destination for multinational companies looking to expand into some of the world's fastest growing markets. Despite the...
Budding Entrepreneurs

Top Tips For Budding Entrepreneurs From The Founder Of A Local Soda Start-Up

Bringing your dream to life, being your own boss and adding real value to the world we live in. Sounds good right? Well of course it does, but like most big life goals, entrepreneurship is...
4th industrial revolution

Leading Africa into the 4th Industrial Revolution

Where do world leaders go to share innovative ideas and principles on how to lead Africa into the 4th industrial revolution?Over the course of three days, the atmosphere buzzed with new concepts and terminologies...

Kariuki Ngari Shares His 28 Years’ Experience In Kenya’s Banking Sector

In this episode of Captains of Industry, we had a conversation with one of the key players in Kenya's banking sector. Kariuki Ngari, CEO and Managing Director of Standard Chartered Bank Kenya...
transport infrastructure

Investments In Rail Transport Essential For The Success Of Africa’s Free-trade Area

Africa is on the cusp of launching a free-trade zone that could meaningfully boost economic growth and unlock the continent’s vast potential.
Cyrus Kabiru

10 Young Afripreneurs Creating Solutions By Recycling and Upcycling

Africa has been experiencing a rapid growth in the past few decades, and as the continent grows in different spheres, the amount of byproducts and waste has also been rising. Today, waste management remains...

Meddy On How He Turned Music Into A Career In Rwanda

Rwanda's creative industry is one of the youngest in East Africa and it is steadily growing despite the challenges. On this episode of Captains of Industry, Meddy, one of the successful artists...

Will Nigeria Cover Its Metering Gap In 3 Years?

Nigeria's electricity regulator Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) recently issued a directive on the process through which electricity customers can procure meters through the Meter Asset Provider Scheme. To assess Nigeria's efforts...

Africa Continues To Be Ripe For Investment

Julien Fouriot, sales director for Africa at Crosscall, the French specialists of phones designed for outdoor environments.Even though economic growth is slowing globally, technology innovation is unlocking unparalleled...

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