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5 Top Investment Opportunities in Tanzania

Once known mainly for Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, Tanzania is seeing a change in the balance between the number of tourists and investors coming to the country. Driving from the airport, my taxi driver...
Small Businesses

Small Businesses Should Implement 2020 Strategies Now

As the year winds down, it is normal to want to celebrate and reflect. While it is important to do so, it is even more important for small businesses to be proactive...
Festive Season

Avoid The Festive Season Financial Hangover!

It’s that time of the year again when we are bombarded with messages enticing us to spend money, and the heat is on in terms of spoiling those nearest and dearest to...
Behavioural finance

Behavioural Finance: How You Think When You Invest and How to Make Better Decisions

By Maarten Ackerman, Chief Economist and Advisory Partner, CitadelMuch research has been undertaken regarding the biases which people have when making investment (and other) decisions. It’s important to know and understand them in order...

How To Fix SA’s Ailing Economy

Both Moody's and S&P are negative about South Africa sovereign credit rating and some say that Cosatu say the Monetary Policy Committee missed to kick start the economy when it chose to...

High Cost of Cybercrime in Africa Cause for Concern

African businesses need to take more decisive steps to prioritise data protection and enhance enterprise security in order to mitigate cybercrime. Ken Munyi, Country Manager at iWayAfrica Kenya says the millions of cyberattacks that take...
South African FMCG

How The South African FMCG Space Can Learn From Kenya’s Example

The simplest way of optimising route to market is through pre-sales, which then creates a predictable order and allows for the best delivery routes to be calculated
South Africa’s economy

The Spiralling Debt Trap In South Africa

South Africa’s economic growth is projected to hit 1% in 2020, which is lower than what was estimated earlier this year. With low wages and a high unemployment rate in the country,...
Kenya’s Hospitality Sector

Opportunity for Investment in Kenya’s Hospitality Sector

Famous for its great wildebeest migration, national parks, and pristine beaches, Kenya is a beautiful country. It is East and Central Africa’s economic powerhouse, and is popularly known across the globe as a famous...
My Quest To Teach – #MyQuestToTeach

The Alphabet of Being An African Content Creator

“African’s must accept and embrace they are valuable content creators and have a voice that should be heard on a global digital scale.” William Jackson, M.Ed. 2018Ideas shared...

3 Top Investment Opportunities in Zambia

A lot has been written about the emergence of Ethiopia and Mozambique, and the changing dynamic of investing in Africa. Ethiopia is the continent’s second most populous country, with high potential for a consumer-driven...
Ismail Ahmed on Reducing Inequalities in Emerging Markets

Op-Ed: Global Remittances at the Forefront of Reducing Inequalities in Emerging Markets

By Ismail Ahmed, Founder of digital money transfer company, WorldRemit.The company was set up in 2010, with the vision of making it easier and cheaper for...

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