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Kruger Shalati Train On The Bridge

Afrocentricity At The Centre Of Kruger Shalati Train On The Bridge

Since the establishment  of the Kruger National Park in 1898, and the eventual instalment of rail into the Park in the 1920s, the Park and rail travel have had a deeply entwined...
Sailing In Africa

All You Need To Know About Sailing In Africa

A private yacht charter is a completely different way to explore wonderful African islands. It can give you and your friends some privacy and flexibility. You will have the chance to see...
Traveling to Kenya

Traveling to Kenya? Here’s the Only Travel Guide You Will Ever Need

We all know how difficult it can be to piece together useful information on our travel destinations to help us plan our travels ahead of time. While there are plenty of sources of travel...

Why Tanzania Is The Top Safari Destination In Africa

Few things in life can rival the thrill of an African safari. It is the serenity of the early morning before the rising sun washes the horizon in its brilliant and mesmerizing...

There’s Nothing Dark About This Kenyan Town

Lodwar is a special place. The capital of Turkana County, which is also known as the cradle of humankind, it is the warmest town in Kenya with a temperature average of 29 degrees Celsius...
UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Travel Through Ethiopia’s UNESCO Sites

As of 2019, Ethiopia is home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Eight of these sites are cultural, making Simien Mountains the only natural site. In no particular order, here are some...

Seychelles Has Africa’s Best Wild Beach

Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue Island, SeychellesThis isn’t your typical tropical hideaway: you need to trek through a vanilla and coconut plantation to reach these pink-hued shores in...
Kenya Vs. Tanzania

Kenya Vs. Tanzania – What Is The Best Place To Go On Safari

Kenya Vs. Tanzania - What is the Best Place to Go on Safari?A safari adventure. Everyone has some idea of what it might involve -- plush tented camp...
Africa By Instagram

Africa By Instagram: Acacia Africa Updates Top Ten Travel List For 2019

Acacia Africa has updated its top ten list of the most popular destinations to visit in Southern and East Africa, the results compiled from expert sources and Instagram hashtags. In the 12 months since...

Another Side To Zanzibar – More Than Just White, Sandy Beaches

More than just white, sandy beaches, blue sea and crumbling palacesIf Zanzibar is not on your travel bucket list, it should be!    With its year-round warm, tropical climate, plenty...
Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism: What Does It Actually Mean?

Travellers are, generally, curious people. And so they have plenty of questions, especially when it comes to responsible tourism. We want to stimulate debate around responsible tourism, encourage activism and get people...
Safari Parks In Africa

Top Lesser Known Safari Parks In Africa

With scenic landscapes, amazing culture, delightful cuisines, and an abundance of wildlife, Africa is a destination that will surely amaze and inspire any visitor. The more popular safari destinations like the Serengeti in Tanzania,...



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