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Biryani Zanzibar

10 Best Foodie Destinations in Africa

African cuisine is as diverse and fascinating as the continent’s history, cultures, and traditions. With a fusion of tastes and flavours, as well as some of the unique foods in the world, the continent...
Wildlife Safari Parks

The Top 8 Wildlife Safari Parks In Africa

An African safari trip is an experience of a lifetime as you get to satisfy your wanderlust in the wild and marvel at nature at her absolute finest. Each destination is as...
Diving Spots In Africa

Top Diving Spots In Africa

Africa is often seen as synonymous with massive plains and sprawling jungles teeming with exotic wildlife, terrestrial wonders, and rich cultural diversity. But Africa has more to offer than just the typical...

5 Reasons You’ll Love Exploring Fez

Fez is a charming small city that is just as impressive to outsiders. Located in the northern region of Morocco, the city is surrounded by hilly terrain and woodlands, making it one...

Rwanda: The Country of a Thousand Hills

In April 1994, as the world’s media was focusing its attention on the election of Nelson Mandela, and the end of South Africa’s apartheid, something terrible was happening in Rwanda. This tiny East African...
Abuna Yemata Guh

Why You Should Visit Abuna Yemata Guh, Ethiopia

Whether you travel to Ethiopia for an R&R or to visit a country steeped in history and striking landscapes, you must visit some of the famous rock hewn-churches the country is famed for.Ethiopia...
rock climbing

10 Wanderlust Fixes At The Reunion Island

By Jessie BeckAdrift in the Indian Ocean, mountainous little Reunion island (La Réunion in French) has a vastly different personality from the rest of Africa’s islands. Unlike neighboring Mauritius and Seychelles, which are best known...
Activities To Do In Tunis

Best Spring Activities To Do In Tunis

Spring is the perfect season to visit Tunis. As the short, rainy winter months give way to longer days and the return of uninterrupted sunshine, the city starts to come alive with plenty of...
Icy Superhighway

An Icy Superhighway From Namibia to Brazil

By Robin George Andrews Namibia is famed for its deserts, including the world’s oldest, a vast expanse of undulating, scorched sand dunes occasionally visited by an ethereal fog. But around 300 million years ago, Namibia was frozen...

Thinking Of Visiting Mauritius?

Thinking of Visiting Mauritius? Mauritius is a unique island located some 2,000 km off the southeast coast of Africa, and it is as the ranked 169th largest nation in the world. The Republic of...
Castle of Good Hope

Castle of Good Hope, A Perfect Family Excursion

Castles are amazing places to explore as a family. Younger kids can enjoy playing the chivalrous knight or the warrior queen, older children can soak up the fascinating history, and parents can marvel at...

Venturing Beyond The Beach In Mozambique

A recent study by the Family Travel Association found that 79% of participants are likely to travel with family members in the next 12 months. Respondents said that having their children discover new places...


Zambia, Lusaka

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Lesotho Business

Lesotho Travel Guide

younde, cameroon

Cameroon Travel Guide


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