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Mozambique: More than a Tropical Paradise

There’s an extraordinary diversity of places in Africa to spice up your travel bucket list. One of the continent’s underrated gems is Mozambique, boasting long stretches of exotic beaches, exceptional cuisine, and many other enchanting...
Cape Town

10 Markets Off the Beaten Path in Cape Town

When visiting the city of Cape Town, there are some obvious tourist attractions to visit. However, there are also some great treasures to be discovered amongst some of the local, off the beaten path,...
mountain climbs in Africa

10 Most Exciting Mountain Climbs in Africa

Have you ever thought about the beautiful mountain climbs in Africa? Would you like to try a challenging adventure? To view nature from the top, there is only one way: climbing mountains. Theaters, cinemas,...
wealthy summer travel Africa

10 Places Where the Oh-so Wealthy Are Traveling

Africa is alive with numerous exclusive destinations that cater to the luxury traveller. Have you ever wondered where the wealthy go for their vacations in Africa?We’ve compiled a list of some over-the-top scenic, breathtaking,...
Luxury Hotels in SOUTHERN Africa

10 Best Luxury Hotels in SOUTHERN Africa

Since Southern Africa is currently basking in the joys of summer, there’s no better time to visit if you are looking for an unforgettable holiday. Magnificent sunsets, unmatched safari experience, and stunning beaches are...
Darling; Western Cape, South Africa

10 Towns With Fun, Strange or Unique Names

If there is one thing that Kenya and South Africa have in common, it is the choice of weird and funny names of towns and villages. When you travel within the two countries, whether...
luxury hotels in East Africa

The 10 Best Luxury Hotels in EAST Africa

Are you looking for an exotic holiday destination that will turn your vacation dreams into reality? Do you want to sleep in the best luxury hotels in East Africa? Nowadays, the luxury traveller is...

54 Cool Things to See in Africa

The continent of Africa is home to 54 countries, each unique in it's own way.
5 Least Visited Countries in Africa

5 Least Visited Countries in Africa

Africa is any traveller’s go-to destination, boasting warm tropical conditions, friendly people, and interesting places to visit. Interestingly these countries are the least visited countries in Africa. Not all countries on the continent have a...

10 Luxury Stays in Kenya

Looking for the best luxury stays in Kenya? When it comes to top holiday destinations in Africa, Kenya is well-endowed with every ingredient that makes it a desirable wonderland. While the country has become synonymous...
Interesting Things in Seychelles

5 Interesting Things about Seychelles

Seychelles is a favorite holiday destination for many people from across the world. However, more often than not, many tend to forget that Seychelles is a part of Africa. As the country marks its Constitution Day and Independence Day later this month, here we look at five interesting things about this popular holiday destination.
Mauritius National Botanical Garden

10 Most Beautiful Gardens in Africa

A visit to any country in Africa isn’t complete without seeing the wide variety of flora and wildlife the continent has to offer. Not only do the continent’s popular botanical gardens offer conservation efforts...



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