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Safari Parks In Africa

Top Lesser Known Safari Parks In Africa

With scenic landscapes, amazing culture, delightful cuisines, and an abundance of wildlife, Africa is a destination that will surely amaze and inspire any visitor. The more popular safari destinations like the Serengeti in Tanzania,...
Most Popular Safari Destinations

These Are The Most Popular Safari Destinations, According To Instagram

What are the most popular safari destinations on Instagram? That's what we found out in our newest study.It’s long been agreed that going on a safari is the...
10 Most Beautiful Dive Sites In Mozambique

10 Most Beautiful Dive Sites In Mozambique

Do you love diving? If yes, Mozambique's dive sites will leave you in awe. Here, you can explore the country's underwater world to see an array of sea life.   
Famous Tribes In Africa

Meet The Famous Tribes In Africa

Africa may be westernized by European cultures and values but everyone knows that she still has a unique cultural identity that stands out from other continents. This unique cultural identity is captured...
Tanzania And Kenya

Tanzania And Kenya: An Idyllic Setting For Nature And Wellness Retreats

Combining a once in a lifetime safari with a holistic and wellness retreat in Kenya and Tanzania gives you the chance to experience nature first hand, where you get to see wild...
South Africans’ holiday

South Africans Prefer Domestic Travels Over Going Abroad

Over the decades, travel and tourism have grown to become one of the world’s largest economic sectors, generating about 10% of world GDP. Tourists became a prominent source of revenue for many people....

10 Best Travel Destinations in Africa

Africa is one of the best travel destinations in the world. Here, you can enjoy crystal blue beaches, majestic wildlife, and a wealth of culture and history. This article will look at...
5 Safari Destinations In Africa

Top 5 Safari Destinations In Africa You Should Visit

Are you an avid camper? Are you looking forward to a thrilling and truly exhilarating camping adventure? If your answers are yes, you’re reading the right post! Over the next few sections,...
Safari In Tanzania

10 Things You Might Not Know About A Safari In Tanzania

People come to Tanzania to experience nature on a grand scale, from the great migrating herds to the heights of the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro. But of course this is guidebook material. The...
outdoor adventures

Best Outdoor Adventures in Africa to Experience in Your Lifetime

Africa is not all arid deserts and vast savannas teeming with large mammals and predators. Its barely touched jungles, narrow valleys, dramatic cliffs, snow-capped peaks, and crystal-clear seas are outdoor adventures that are just...
Africa's Trekking Destinations

Africa’s Top Trekking Destinations

It is no news that Africa offers some of the world's best wildlife and cultural experiences.  But how come people hardly talk about the superabundance of extremely beautiful trekking trails?
White River

Wild About White River

Your bucket list of favourite destinations for holidaying in South Africa will no doubt include a trip to the Kruger National Park – the bush and its unique something coupled with the...



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