TEDx Event

Here’s How the First-ever TEDx Event at a Refugee Camp Went Down

One of the world’s largest refugee camps in Kenya has hosted a rare web-streaming event showcasing stories of resilience and creativity. Continue Reading

Africa’s New Satarists

Africa’s New Satarists

Africa’s post-independence history of political satire is mostly through literature and newspaper cartoons. Writers such as Ken Saro-Wiwa, Ayi Kwei Armah, Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and Ngugi Wa Thiong’o were part of this tradition. Continue Reading

Africa Code Week

Fourth Edition of Africa Code Week Kicks Off in Madagascar

With over 1.8 million lives impacted since 2015, Africa Code Week harnesses partnerships to build community capacity on digital education across an entire continent. Continue Reading

South African Revenue Services

Scandals at the South African Revenue Services Leaves Taxpayers Apathetic

With corruption and political warfare gutting the agency, more and more South Africans have simply stopped paying their taxes, a dangerous turn in a nation where tens of millions depend on government services that are already enfeebled by graft and misrule. Continue Reading

runner Xolani Luvuno

Overcoming Cancer and the Comrades

It took a monumental effort, just shy of 16 hours, but amputee runner Xolani Luvuno did the unimaginable on Sunday when he finished the Comrades Marathon on crutches. Continue Reading

Banking System

Getting a Banking System Off the Ground

Acheme is part of an alternative banking system that is sprouting in Africa’s largest economy, which had areas overrun by Boko Haram. The group blew up most commercial banks in Mubi with dynamite in November 2014 and carted away $2.6 million in cash. Continue Reading

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

Breaking the Deadlock over Control of Africa’s Longest River

During a trip to Cairo over the weekend, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the countries made progress on sharing the Nile’s waters and would put together an agreement to set up a mutual fund for infrastructure development. Continue Reading

Zimbabwe's Elections

Guidelines for Zimbabwe’s Elections

Human Rights Watch says the Zimbabwe government’s failure to carry out legal and electoral reforms threatens the credibility of the country’s general election next month. Continue Reading

US Solar Developer

US Solar Developer Signs Billion Dollar Deal with Ecowas

The deal will help build the West Africa Power Pool, which is a unit of Ecowas. It was set up to implement this agreement and create a regional electricity system. Continue Reading

Senegalese road movie

The Films that Paved the Way for Black Panther

From a Senegalese road movie to lesbian blues goddesses, dig deep online and you’ll find gems of the less moneyed African-disapora cinema. Continue Reading

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