1Egypt’s Deadly Ruling

Egypt’s Deadly Ruling

An Egyptian court has sentenced 75 prominent members and affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to death. The 75 were given the death penalty for offences ranging from murder to incitement to break the law, membership of a banned group, or being part of an illegal gathering. The group is part of 739 people charged after the violent dispersal of a protest camp in support of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

SOURCES: The GuardianBBC

2How one of the World’s Worst Aviation Accident was Avoided

Ethiopian Airlines plane

An incident last week, involving an Ethiopian Airlines plane and an Italian leisure airline flight, has become a major point of discussion in aviation circles, and has led to a blame game between Kenya and Ethiopia. The near-collision, at Naivasha, 100 kilometres west of Nairobi, was prevented when the pilot of one of the planes — upon receiving a warning from the inflight traffic collision system — made a sudden climb to avoid the oncoming flight.

SOURCES: The East African

3Connecting Patients to the Correct Medicine


In 2017, Nwakah launched Medsaf to help tackle the counterfeit medicines that run rampant in Nigeria. About 17 percent of Nigeria’s generic drug supply was fake in 2015, down from 40 percent in 2001, according to government data. Improved technology has helped. Yet roughly 116,000 deaths per year in sub-Sarahan Africa are linked to counterfeit or substandard anti-malaria drugs alone, according to the World Health Organization.


4America’s Pulling out Troops in Africa but Drones Remain

US Troops in Africa

The CIA is reportedly expanding its armed drone programme in Africa and will start using a military base in the Nigerien desert to carry out raids on areas where ISIL and al-Qaeda are believed to operate. The New York Times reported that a secret military base in Dirkou, about 250km south of the Libyan border, will soon begin deploying armed drones in an apparent loosening of Obama-era limits on US raids outside conventional warzones.

SOURCES: New York Times

5Are African Designers Prepared when a Major Celeb Wears their Stuff?

African Designers

Moulaye Taboure, co-founder of Afrikrea, an e-commerce platform for African fashion says, “In fact, they’re caught off guard.” Taboure adds that many brands aren’t ready to meet large international orders, due to their own production limitations and the basic infrastructural limitations that come with emerging economies, like an unreliable postal service.

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

6Sudan’s Bashir Starts Over

President Omar al-Bashir

“President Omar al-Bashir has informed that he will sack the government at all levels, the prime minister, federal ministers and ministers of state in order to fix the situation facing the country.” A presidential statement late over the weekend said that the move included a cut in the number of ministries to 21 from 31.

SOURCES: Al JazeeraStrait Times

7Why Xenophobic Acts Keep Flaring Up in South Africa

Xenophobic Acts SA

South African media’s coverage of foreign nationals falls into what the president of the global Ethical Journalism Network, Aidan White, recently noted was a trend towards “victim journalism” in global migration coverage. White notes that there are also stories – seldom told – that can salve and offer direction and should remind those willing to listen that while immigrants live in almost all South African townships, violence against them is remarkably infrequent.

SOURCES: The Conversation

8Botswana Responds to the Poaching Scandal

Botswana Poaching Scandal

President Mokgweetsi Masisi says “this stretch of imagination of linking the poaching of any species with an alleged disarmament of the department of wildlife is nothing but hysteria,” after criticism from some conservationists who expressed concern that Botswana’s wildlife department had been stripped of weapons required for the sometimes dangerous work of thwarting armed poachers.


9LGBT Rights are not Recognised in Nigeria

LGBT Rights Nigeria

In a country where being openly gay is punishable by jail, drag queen Son of a Tutu performs in the UK, and has adopted a Nigerian persona to make a point. In a BBC special he tells the story of how he overcame beatings and family expectations to finally become who he was born to be.


10A Quick Guide to Soma Bay – Egypt

Soma Bay – Egypt

On a small peninsula looking out over the pristine waters of the Red Sea is the exclusive Egyptian resort of Soma Bay. Featuring some of the best diving in the region, an 18-hole championship golf course, premium spas and seawater therapy centres, it’s gaining a reputation as a truly luxurious holiday destination.

SOURCES: Africa.com

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