African Scientists

Africa is not Producing Enough Scientists

The continent’s unstable research funding streams mean that scientists tend to be employed only on short-term contracts. As a result, 48% of researchers in Southern Africa are spending less than two years at any one institution. This number drops to 39% for East Africa. Continue Reading

President Muhammadu Buhari

Nigeria’s ‘Not Too Young to Run’ Bill Forces Change

President Muhammadu Buhari will approve a new law to reduce age limits in political office, which could make it easier for younger candidates to run in next year’s election. Continue Reading

Old Fangak

The Village Everyone is Fleeing To

Before civil war erupted, Old Fangak was home to about 5,000 people. But since December 2013, the remote town in South Sudan’s Jonglei state has become a refuge for people fleeing the fighting, swelling its numbers tenfold. Continue Reading

East Africa prison populations


East Africa Mulls over Retribution vs Rehabilitation

As prison populations continue to rise, along with the cost of keeping inmates behind bars, East African nations are increasingly switching to noncustodial sentences to reform non-serious offenders. Continue Reading

Astronomical Sales

Astronomical Sales Expected at this African Auction

For the first time in southern Africa, 20 meteorites will be auctioned off. The meteorites were found in different parts of the world, some as long ago as 1837 and others in 2017. Continue Reading

Ethiopia’s Foreign Currency

Ethiopia’s Foreign Currency Crunch

The prime minister has warned that there will be no quick fix to the scarcity of foreign currency in the country. It seems that some sectors of the economy are getting preferential treatment when it comes to accessing hard foreign cash. Continue Reading

France's Gift to Burundi

Burundi Not Impressed with France’s Gift

Officials have ordered the quarantine of 10 donkeys donated to a village in the East African country by France, sparking a debate if there was a subliminal message behind the gift. Continue Reading

Uganda Painful Past

Uganda Comes to Terms with its Painful Past

Looking to attract more tourists, the government of Uganda plans to unveil a war museum showcasing colonial-era wars and more recent conflicts. It will feature a figure many Ugandans would rather not remember — the late president Idi Amin. Continue Reading

Egyptian Craftsman

Egyptian Craftsman Makes Art from Buffalo Horns

Yehia, who has been in the trade for three decades, inherited the business at a time when it heavily relied on ivory elephant tusks. He later transformed his business by shifting to buffalo horns instead of tusks. Continue Reading

Khartoum’s Palate

Getting to Know Khartoum’s Palate

Meet Omer Eltigani, he quit his day job to promote Sudan’s diverse cuisine to a global audience. Continue Reading

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