Fighting Malaria

Africa’s Most Successful Country in Fighting Malaria

São Tomé began its war against malaria in 2003, and since 355,000 bed nets have been distributed; 76,000 people given free treatment; and 222,000 structures sprayed, making it the only country in Africa where 100 percent of the population is covered by preventative measures. Continue Reading

undercover investigation

Red Cards and Fouls in the Beautiful Game

A two-year undercover investigation into football in Africa has revealed footage of over 100 referees and officials taking cash before games. Continue Reading

Cape Town International Airport

Debate to Rename Cape Town International Airport Deteriorates

Organisers struggled to control a group who erupted in singing after a speaker called for the “Khoisan heritage to take first preference or there will be war”. Continue Reading

Cameroon’s Crisis

Human Experiences in Cameroon’s Crisis

Ruthless violence between francophone state forces and English-speaking separatists has forced tens of thousands of Cameroonians into Nigeria, splintering families and leaving many people sleeping rough, without access to staples such as food, clothing and education. Continue Reading

EU’s in Libya

The EU’s Role in Libya is in the Spotlight

The rise of anti-immigration political parties in nations from Italy to Slovenia and Europe-wide efforts to stem migration means more migrants in Libya are struggling to leave and are falling into the hands of traffickers. Continue Reading

Paul Kagame Meets

Paul Kagame Meets Ellen DeGeneres on a Different Set

At the end of May, America’s favorite television host Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi met Rwandan president Paul Kagame in the capital Kigali. The trip was part of DeGeneres’ work with the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. Continue Reading

South Africa’s Land Policy

What Does South Africa’s Land Policy Mean for All?

To address a history of colonial land dispossession, South Africa’s ruling party says it wants to take back land, without compensation, from white farmers and transfer ownership to black citizens. Continue Reading

East African Countries

East African Countries have become the Investment Haven in Africa

Both of Africa’s largest economies have experienced growth at below 2%, hit hard by fall in global commodity prices in 2016. While East African countries’ led by Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda have been enjoying growth rates not less than 5% since then. Continue Reading


Nkurunziza Ready to Bow Out

Burundi’s president announced that he would not run for another term, even as he put in place a new Constitution that would theoretically allow him to stay in power until 2034. Continue Reading

Kenyan Chef

Kenyan Chef wants to be the African Jamie Oliver

Raphael Ndaiga is redefining home cooking and promoting African cuisine through Facebook classes on a page that has attracted more than half a million followers. Continue Reading

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