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What May Scuttle Plans For Congo’s Billion Dollar Dam Project

Billion Dollar Dam Project

Serious disagreements between groups of Spanish and Chinese developers that want to build a 11,000-megawatt hydropower plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo may scuttle plans for the $14 billion project. The Inga III dam would be the biggest hydroelectric power station on Africa’s second-longest river and provide electricity to Congo and other nations, including South Africa.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

Doctors Association Set Up Crowdfunding Initiative in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association

The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) has set up a crowdfunding initiative to appeal for donations from the public amid an ongoing industrial action which commenced six weeks ago. This is geared towards providing a way to help desperate medical personnel to ease the financial problems faced by its members.

According to Tawanda Zyakada, a representative of ZHDA, the most recent issue has been the withholding of October salaries for all doctors who haven’t been reporting to work due to the fact that they are financially liquidated.

SOURCE: Venture’s Africa

Mysterious Vanishing of Cape Town’s Great White Shark 

Cape Town's Great White Shark

“Seal Island is probably the world’s most famous location for seeing great white sharks,” says Chris Fallows, a well-known shark expert, photographer and tour boat operator. After countless documentaries and Shark Week appearances on the Discovery Channel, in 2019, Fallows is forcing himself to talk about these awesome sharks in the past tense. The great whites didn’t just disappear overnight. There has been a steady decline, then, most likely, a dramatic collapse, says Stellenbosch University marine biologist Sara Andreotti.


10 Things to Do in Malawi

Things to Do in Malawi

Malawi is one of the most breathtaking places on earth. From her beautiful blue lake, to her ever-smiling, welcoming people, Malawi should surely be on your list of places to visit, and when you do, here are ten things we recommend you do while there.


Coach Behind World’s Greatest Runners

Ethiopia's Couch Adilo

Countless stars from Ethiopia throughout the last few decades have trained under the tutelage of the Adilo family, who, as former athletes, understand the slog. Thus, the brothers are constantly talking to their athletes and consulting with each other to see how each individual is feeling physically and emotionally.

“Our philosophy is structured around the athletes maintaining interest and excitement in the training,” Adilo says. “So one day we might go to Entoto for endurance training, but then we may drop down to [lower-altitude] Sebeta for speed work.”


The two Side’s of Mining Ghana’s valuable Bauxite

Ghana’s valuable Bauxite

Below the towering mahogany trees that blanket this lush mountainside, hidden beneath the brown-red soil, lie millions of tons of very valuable rock.

This world-renowned forest reserve, called the Atewa, is the source of three major rivers that provide water to 5 million people. It is also home to an estimated 165 million tons of bauxite, a sedimentary rock used to create aluminum products such as aircraft parts, kitchen utensils and beer cans.

SOURCE: Washington Post

Mozambique’s Filipe Nyusi Retains Power

Filipe Nyusi

Nyusi secured 73% of the vote in the presidential race, the National Election Commission (CNE) said on Sunday, while his party, the ruling Frelimo, also won big in the legislative and provincial contests.

His main rival Ossufo Momade, of former guerrilla movement turned main opposition party Renamo, trailed behind with 21.88% of the vote, CNE Chairman Abdul Carimo told a news conference.

SOURCE: Reuters

Kenya’s Agritech Startup Goes Pan-African

Kenya's Agritech Startup

The high rate of waste and the lack of effective distribution are two major problems plaguing the agribusiness value chain across African countries. A startup tackling both issues has just bagged major funding.

Twiga Foods, the Kenya-based food logistics startup, has raised $23.7 million in a Series B round led by US investment bank Goldman Sachs. The company also raised an additional $6 million in debt. The latest funding follows a $10 million round last November.


Nigeria’s Border Closure Impacts Trade Flow

Nigeria’s Border Closure

Nigeria recently partially closed its border with Benin in an effort to stem the smuggling of rice. It then went on to close its land borders to the movement of all goods from Benin, Niger and Cameroon, effectively banning trade flows with its neighbours.

Border closures are not new in Africa. But Nigeria’s actions raise important concerns about the seriousness and prospects of regional integration in Africa.

SOURCE: Conversation

A piece of Finland in Uganda

Finland in Uganda

When Ukko Liikkanen and Niina Prittinen first visited Uganda in 2013, they were not thinking of swapping the polar circle for the equator.

Now four years later the Finnish couple live in Entebbe, Uganda, permanently. They run a tour operating company, A Piece of Uganda Safaris, but there is another passion: Finnish sauna. The couple have built a sauna in the sweltering heat of the East African country.


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