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2019 Investment Attractiveness Rankings for Africa

2019 Investment

Rand Merchant Bank has released the eighth edition of its Where to invest in Africa report, which analyzes 53 African economies according to their investment attractiveness. The theme of this year’s report is infrastructure, one of the most important aspects of doing business on the continent. Egypt appears to be the most attractive investment market.SOURCE: RMB

African Development Bank approves USD 24.7 million for Water and Sanitation Development in South Sudan

African Development Bank

South Sudan’s capital city of Juba, like many urban centers in the country, suffers from the effects of years of armed conflict and under-investment in the development and maintenance of basic water infrastructure. Increased numbers of displaced people and rapid urbanization have placed considerable strain on existing urban water supply infrastructure and the illegal supply of untreated water drawn from river Nile by private water tanker operators is common in the city and its suburbs. On completion, the project will directly benefit 300,000 people in Juba and the surrounding rural Jubek state. The nearly $2 million grant will ensure that schools and communities in eight targeted rural areas of Jubek state, will benefit from 40 public/institutional latrines blocks to be constructed, as well as hygiene education.SOURCE: AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK

Is Africa Cybercrime-Savvy?

Africa Cybercrime-Savvy

In more developed economies there’s been an increase in attacks from ‘hacktivists’ who use the dark arts of cyber to embarrass, advocate or protest. According to cyber analytics firm Kaspersky Lab, there are 13,842 cyber attacks daily in South Africa. That equates to more than 570 attacks every hour. Bank fraud, particularly the use of malware on mobile phones, has also increased dramatically, says the South African Banking Risk Information Centre. They compete by offering so-called offensive tools, explains Neil Walsh, head of cybersecurity and fraud at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. These are computer networks and mobile phones that are turned into listening devices. It opens opportunities to meddle in elections, steal data or seek ransom funds from targets that may include governments, utility providers, the military, manufacturing and commercial players. African leaders cannot bury their heads in the sand and paint this as a developed country problem. Cyber awareness must become part of every aspect of life from doing business to alleviating poverty and providing security.SOURCE: INSTITUTE FOR SECURITY STUDIES

Nigeria: Central Bank Kicks Off Buhari’s 100 Million Jobs Project

Nigeria: Central Bank

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) yesterday announced policies and programmes to create 10 million jobs in the next five years. The initiative falls within President Muhammadu Buhari’s resolve to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty through job creation and economic diversification. In the project, which will last for 10 years, Buhari had said that Nigeria can accomplish the feat because China, India and Indonesia had done the same. The CBN, however, limited its job creation scheme to five years since its governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, would only be in office for the period, having served out his first term. He said that the five million jobs would be through the apex bank’s increased intervention in the agriculture and credit access to the real sector of the economy.SOURCE: LEADERSHIP

From Limpopo, South Africa to America’s Got Talent

Ndlovu Youth Choir

Ndlovu Youth Choir’s rendition of ‘My African Dream’, conducted by choir director Ralf Schmitt and composed by South African-born Alan Lazar, aired on US TV on Tuesday night. The choir’s beautiful performance on America’s Got Talent (AGT) got four nods from all the judges, and has thanked fans for supporting their dream. The Ndlovu Youth Choir is a group of young people from the Ndlovu Care Group in the rural village of Moutse, Limpopo. Founded in 1994 by Dutch doctor, Dr. Hugo Templeman, the Ndlovu Care Group provides innovative healthcare, childcare, education, and community development. SOURCE: AFRICA.COM

Young African Researchers to Help Address Critical Gaps in the Understanding of African Climate System

Uganda Refugees

Climate change poses major developmental challenges for the African continent, but through research and innovation, climate change can also create opportunities for carbon neutral and sustainable development. “It has been said over and over again and I will repeat that this is very important in that it provides an opportunity for our young African researchers to address critical gaps that are there in the understanding of the African climate system and bridges the divide between climate science and policy,” said Frank Rutabingwa of the ACPC and Wiser. The CR4D is an African-led initiative that has matured to a level where it is today with the announcement this week of the first cohort of 21 young African research grantees from Benin, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Namibia, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal and Zimbabwe to researcher and contribute to the development of more science-based reliable and useful climate information in Africa.SOURCE: UNITED NATIONS

Uganda: More Refugees Flee to Uganda As Violence Flares Up in DR Congo

Uganda Refugees

The inter-ethnic clashes in the northeastern areas of DR Congo are driving people across the border into Uganda at a rate of 311 a day, more than double the rate of refugee arrivals in May (145 per day). The UN Refugee Agency said that the country did not have resources to cater for around 7,500 Congolese refugees that had arrived in Uganda since the start of June, “placing strain on already badly overstretched facilities.” Nearly two thirds are children, below 18 years in age. “While screening facilities are in place at the collection points, transit centres and reception centres, health facilities are basic and need upgrading. Clinics are in need of more doctors and medicines,” said the official. “Already overcrowded and understaffed schools need significant support to meet the educational needs of the new arrivals.” Even though hundreds have been provided plots of land close to the Kyangwali refugee settlement, the pace of new arrivals is outpacing the available facility with needs outstripping what humanitarians are able to deliver.


Nigeria Beat Guinea to Reach Afcon Last 16


Nigeria became the first team to qualify for the last 16 of the Africa Cup of Nations as they beat Guinea 1-0. Three-time winners Nigeria scored the only goal in the 73rd minute when Moses Simon’s right-wing corner was headed in at the near post by Kenneth Omeruo. They now have six points from their two games after a 1-0 win over Burundi in their first match on Saturday. The top two nations in each of the six groups advance, along with the four best third-placed countries. The other two nations in Group B, Madagascar and Burundi, play on Thursday, before Burundi take on Guinea and Madagascar face Nigeria in the final round of group games on Sunday.SOURCE: BBC

Opioids in Africa: Cheap and Accessible

Opioids in Africa

Cheap painkillers are the new drugs for the people. On the African continent, more and more people are becoming addicted and the illicit trade in pharmaceuticals is on the rise. Few people think of the legal opioids such as cough syrup or painkillers, which can induce effects similar to those of heroin. The non-medical, recreational use of such drugs has risen dramatically in the last 10 years worldwide. Around the African continent, the drugs are easily accessible and are often smuggled across borders without any medical control. For over 15 years, the UN has warned countries about the illegal, yet increasingly professional trade in pharmaceuticals. “The synthetic opioid problem, in terms of the amounts seized annually, is on the same scale as global heroin seizures,” says Matthew Nice of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODOC).  There are no exact figures, he says, but he and his colleagues recently alerted the UN to the severity of the situation in Africa, which especially affects countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso and Togo. The drug that mostly comes into focus is the painkiller Tramadol. “There’s large scale trafficking of unregulated, illicitly manufactured sub-standard Tramadol throughout the region,” he says.SOURCE: DW

The Underlying Tension Behind Ethiopia’s Flawed Federal System and Its Risks

Ethiopia’s Federal System

Dozens of people were killed in fighting during a foiled coup by a rogue state militia in Ethiopia’s Amhara region at the weekend, the regional government spokesman said on Wednesday, the first official report of significant clashes. It has significant implications for the near future of Ethiopia’s federal system and peace in the country. For almost three decades Ethiopia’s federal structure – enshrined in the country’s 1994 constitution – has been defended by the ruling coalition, the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front. Sadly, in a nation of more than 90 ethnic groups, the system created more animosity and competition for power and influence. Debates about the system have resurfaced since prime minister Abiy Ahmed took office in April last year. These include the need for national reconciliation and where domestic administrative borders should be drawn. The challenges Ethiopia faces due to its federal arrangement are substantial. Nor does the country have strong enough institutions such as independent judiciary and agreed conflict resolution mechanisms.SOURCE: THE CONVERSATION

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