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Repositioning the Role of Women in Africa’s Political History

Women in Africa’s Politic

In the six decades since many African countries attained political independence, the stories of women in the liberation struggle is yet to be told and celebrated unlike their male counterparts who wasted no time in having universities, airports and major highways named for them and affixing their faces on national currencies. There are many untold stories of women’s role in the resistance against European colonialism from the women at the frontlines in Algeria and Zimbabwe to the Somali women poets whose words captivated and inspired their freedom movement. However, a new generation of African feminists are determined to reclaim these narratives.


The Hidden US War in Somalia

US War in Somalia

Amnesty International’s new report details how 14 civilians were killed and eight more injured in just five of the more than 100 US airstrikes in the past two years. These five incidents were carried out with Reaper drones and manned aircraft in Lower Shabelle, a region largely under Al-Shabaab control outside the Somali capital Mogadishu. The attacks appear to have violated international humanitarian law, and some may amount to war crimes. When approached with Amnesty International’s findings, the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) repeated its denial that any civilians have been killed in its operations in Somalia. In the course of their investigation Amnesty International researchers travelled to Somalia, conducted more than 150 interviews with eyewitnesses, relatives, persons displaced by the fighting, and expert sources – including in the US military – and rigorously analysed corroborating evidence, including satellite imagery, munition fragments, and photos from the aftermath of air strikes.


It’s All Hands on Deck in Zimbabwe

Chimanimani Hotel

A hotel in Zimbabwe’s south-eastern town of Chimanimani is providing shelter for those who have lost their homes in Cyclone Idai, which has devastated huge swathes of southern Africa. Mandla Mataure, the general manager of Chimanimani Hotel says from the first night the hotel has been sheltering about 400 people. “Families were just stranded and had nowhere to go after their homes were destroyed. So we’ve opened up our doors: we’ve got a big enough conference room and lounge for people to sleep – camping style, at least until we can get something more semi-permanent.”


South Sudan’s Taxman to Out Tax Evaders

South Sudan Tax System

The South Sudan National Revenue Authority is threatening to publicly shame government and bank officials who steal tax revenue. The Authority said it collected more than $9 million in February 2019 compared to $4.7 million dollars the month before, but Authority Commissioner Olympio Attipoe accused some tax officials of conspiring with certain commercial bank operators to divert tax revenue into private accounts. He advised corrupt bank officials to “Put your house in order because very soon we are going to crack the whip and no bank is going to be immune.” Attipoe said the tax body will soon introduce an electronic tracking system to stop those who are evading taxes on cargo that comes into the country. The revenue authority says it will make sure the tax collection system in the country transparent but warns that after the money is collected, it is up to South Sudanese citizens and their elected representatives to hold government officials accountable as to how that money is used.


Fishmeal Factories in the Gambia

Fishmeal Factories Gambia

Overseas business interests and attractive global prices for fishmeal are driving demand for species such as sardinella, and, as a result, are taking a crucial source of protein from the plates of the poorest Gambians while leaving large swaths of the community out of work. The fishmeal business is wreaking havoc on the environment, local employment, food security and the tourism economy, scientists, Gambian activists and locals have warned. On the frontline of those losses are local female fish processors who buy from the artisanal fishermen and smoke the fish, or sell it fresh at the local market.


[WATCH] Unearthing Eritrea’s Secrets

Eritrea's Secrets

An Al Jazeera investigation has revealed new satellite images showing a secret prison built by the United Arab Emirates on the coast of Eritrea. There have been reports of prisoners from the war in Yemen being held there amid allegations of torture and abuse.


Piqued Interest in Africa’s Rich Artistic Heritage

Africa’s Rich Artistic Heritage

Collectors from America and Europe are scouring Cape Town’s booming art scene in search of deals as diverse as an expressive oil painting by South Africa’s Irma Stern or a sculpture assembled from bottle caps by Ghana’s El Anatsui. Dozens of venues, including the Association of Visual Arts Gallery and the converted grain silos of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art (MOCAA), are catering to aficionados seeking a good investment as well as the general public. At a packed auction on Monday, bidding reached new highs as collectors phoning in from as far away as Chile and Canada competed against each other and the audience. “We sold approximately 106 million rands ($7.3 million) worth of art, including commission…which is a record for South Africa and for Africa as a continent,” said Frank Kilbourn, executive chairman of auction house Strauss and Co.


Africa’s Richest Woman Still Holds Favour in Angola

Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos has been re-elected to the board of Angola’s telecoms company called Unitel. The decision comes after speculation that dos Santos could have been ousted in a shareholder dispute at the company that dominates Angola’s telecoms market. Ownership of Unitel is split equally between Isabel dos Santos, Brazilian telecoms company Oi, Angolan state oil company Sonangol and Angolan businessman and former government official Leopoldino do Nascimento.


Tanzania’s Plans to Curb Gold Smuggling

Gold Smuggling Tanzania

Tanzania has ordered all mineral-producing regions in the East African nation to set up government-controlled trading centres by the end of June, accelerating efforts to curb illegal exports of gold and other precious minerals. The trading centres will give small-scale miners direct access to a formal, regulated market where they can go and directly trade their gold. They currently struggle to access formal gold dealers who mostly based in the capital Dar es Salam and major towns.


A YouTube Channel for African Basketball

African Basketball YouTube

The National Basketball Association Inc. signed a deal with YouTube Inc. for a dedicated African channel to boost its presence on the continent. The NBA is working with Google’s video-sharing unit to provide original content and bring NBA games live to African fans, NBA Vice President and Managing Director for Africa Amadou Gallo Fall said in an email. The games will include the playoffs, conference finals and the finals.


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