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The NYT’s Report on the Kenya Attacks Brings Ire

Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura

As Kenya reels from the deadly attack on an upmarket hotel in capital Nairobi that killed 14 people, a controversy over a New York Times (NYT) article has added to the anger. An NYT article by its East Africa bureau chief, Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, showed the aftermath of the attack, including images of injured people and dead bodies. The article drew ire of some Kenyans who used a slightly harsh hashtag – #DeportKimiko – to protest the images of graphic violence against black Africans, calling them disrespectful and biased.

SOURCES: Al Jazeera

The Ukerewe Albinism Society’s Aim is to Reconnect a Divided Community

Ukerewe Albinism Society

One practical step towards this was the establishment, in 2016, of the Umoja training centre on Ukerewe. Umoja, which means unity in Swahili, offers skills development and economic opportunities to people with albinism and the wider island community; a second chance, in effect, for people who have missed out on an education.

SOURCES: The Guardian

African Bankers Tackle Rising Inflation

African Bankers Inflation

Africa’s key central banks are expected to hold benchmark interest rates at their first meetings of the year. While the drop in oil prices could give South African and Kenyan policy makers room to hold off on further rate increases, currency pressures could keep the central bank in Ghana from considering further easing for now.

SOURCES: Bloomberg

Zimbabwe Cuts the Internet after Protests


Zimbabwe Cuts the Internet

After five people were killed in widespread protests against record high fuel prices in Zimbabwe, the country’s government responded by deploying the military and shutting down the internet. On Monday, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions and activists called for a national shutdown in protest over fuel price hikes. Businesses and schools were deserted as protestors took to the streets.

SOURCES: Quartz AfricaBusiness Day Live

Understanding Africa: Our Beautiful Continent in Five Maps

Understanding Africa

It is the birthplace of our species; an epic landscape stuffed with biodiversity and humankind’s oldest traditional practices. It is impossible not to hold romantic notions about Africa, from the knowable — the Pride of a Lion – to the mysterious unknowable. The epic, ancient walled city of Great Zimbabwe, for example, is a place where myth blends with reality.


Chinese Deals are Adding to Kenya’s Woes

Kenya Chinese Deal woes

Government is struggling to respond to revelations that a multi-billion dollar contract with China may imperil its sovereignty, according to The Daily Nation newspaper. Details of the loan for the Standard Gauge Railway, Kenya’s largest infrastructure project since independence, emerged Sunday when The Nation published excerpts from a 2014 contract between the Export-Import Bank of China and the Republic of Kenya.


Gbagbo’s Daughter says her Father Would Like to Go Back Home


Gbagbo was acquitted of all charges at the war crimes court but judges have yet to rule on whether to attach any conditions to his release. Prosecutors have asked he not be allowed to travel to Ivory Coast due to fears he would not return to The Hague for appeals.

SOURCES: Reuters

Southern Africa’s Track Record on Land Reform

SA Land Reform

Land reform has been costly for the Zimbabwean economy. Not for Zambia though, where the agriculture industry has benefited from Zimbabwean white commercial farmers. But Zambian lawmakers are now also considering land reform. The current system is leasehold and traditional leaders have a say regarding land ownership, depending on the province and district. The Zambian government wants to change that and reduce the lease period from 99 years to 25.

SOURCES: Deutsche Welle

Nigeria is Setting Global Dance Trends

Ezinne Asinugo AKA Zizi

International choreographer Ezinne Asinugo AKA Zizi has worked with artists including Drake and Rihanna. The British-Nigerian moved to Lagos because there’s greater demand for choreography work which is being fuelled by more artists wanting Nigerian dancers and styles.


How Your Fav Looked Like a Decade Ago


From Hollywood celebrities to Afrobeat stars, African celebrities are sharing throwing back photos of themselves years before the fame. Thanks to the #10YearChallenge hashtag which has taken social media by storm.


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