Sleepy African Capital

The Gritty, Pint-Size Theater Wowing a Sleepy African Capital 
How does a tiny theater in Namibia consistently book top-grade international talent? Read about the secrets to their surprising success. Read More

Ghanaian Creatives

5 Ghanaian Creatives Spaces Doing Afrofuturist Work You Need to Know 
Envisioning a better future for Africans is the mission of several creative groups in Ghana. Learn more about their goals and the power of their work. Read More

British Nigerian Artist's Films

This British Nigerian Artist’s Films Celebrate the Full Spectrum of Blackness  
Through the masterful use of color and light, filmmaker Seye Isikalu is creating works of great visual beauty, which present blackness in all its gorgeously nuanced tones. Read More


DanceAfrica Celebrates South Africa at BAM 
It’s time again for the US’ largest African dance festival, and this year’s program focuses on the parallels between South African anti-apartheid and the US’ human rights movements. Read More

Mobutu's Kinshasa

The Futuristic Architecture That Emerged from Mobutu’s Kinshasa A new exhibit at New York’s Museum of Modern Art profiles the fantastical architectural sculptures of Bodys Isek Kingelez, whose groundbreaking work set imaginations ablaze about Congo’s future potential. Read More


Harare Packs a Lot of Character Too
Although it’s often overlooked by people heading out on safaris elsewhere in the country, it’s worth staying in and around town a few days to check it out. Read More

Mozambique's Waters

The Only Way to Explore Mozambique’s Waters
Dolphins and dugongs inhabit the warm waters off Mozambique. There’s no better way to spot them than from a colourful, creaky old dhow, although dugongs are becoming increasingly rare. Read More

African Continent Trek

The Bucket-list Trek on the African Continent
Choosing to hike and walk for a good part of your global travels allows you to experience the world through a unique lens – you’ll get to know local communities, learn about a culture from the ground level and stay fit while doing it. Read More

Morocco's Luxury

Morocco’s Oasis of Luxury
If you’re pining for a retreat, romantic getaway or a weekend of pampering and indulgence away from the thick of it, the Fairmont Royal Palm might just be your top pick. Read More

Africa Tourist’s Haven

Africa has Become a Tourist’s Haven 
Many A-list celebrities have come and gone- taking in the sights of landmarks, tucking into fine cuisine and enjoying the wildlife on offer. Read More

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