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This Kenyan Artist Is Illustrating African Women Like You Have Never Seen Before

Kenyan Artist

Growing up in Kenya, artist Phoebe Ouma was obsessed with women and fashion, frequently drawing those that inspired her. As she developed into an artist, she saw her work as a way of drawing attention to African women, their clothing, and their customs.


Scientists Say The Birthplace Of Human Kind Was In Botswana


New DNA research continues to point to Africa as the cradle of civilization, but not where you think. Instead of East Africa’s Great Rift Valley, it now appears that human kind first developed some 200,000 years ago south of the Great Zambezi River. This region was pinpointed by studying mitochondrial DNA, known as the “mitogenome” which is passed on only by the mother, which means it is not jumbled up in each generation. The analysis, published in Nature, shows that the earliest population of modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) arose 200,000 years ago in an area that covers parts of modern-day Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.


Southapedia Mural Festival

Southapedia Mural Festival

A recent happening in Durban, the Southapedia Mural Festival, brought artists and building owners together to create site-specific, large-scale murals celebrating South African culture. Southapedia Mural Festival was created to give invited artists the opportunity to work on a site-specific mural that relates to the area and the building, get paid decently and that can be used to promote their work. 


Rare Photos from 1950s Senegal Tell a Story of Political Change

1950s Senegal

Shedding a glimpse onto a pivotal point in Senegal’s history, 1950s photos by Roger DaSilva capture the energy of youth culture and the nascent independence movement. The recently unearthed archive of over 100 of his images, will debut at AKAA (Also Known As Africa) art and design fair in Paris for the first time next month. It will mark the first time that the images are shown outside of Senegal. “Roger DaSilva’s work brings to life a reality little documented until now,” reads a statement from the Albers foundation. “In the pivotal historical context surrounding Senegal’s accession to independence, it provides us with a fresh perspective on Senegalese cultural and social history and makes a significant contribution to West African photography.”


Temple Graffiti Reveals Stories from Ancient Sudan

Temple Graffiti

A new exhibit of temple engravings at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology tells the story of the ancient Sudanese kingdom of Kush. These graffiti can still be seen today at several sacred sites in what was the kingdom of Kush – on a pyramid and in a temple at El-Kurru, at a seasonal pilgrimage centre called Musawwarat es-Sufra, and in the Temple of Isis at Philae, at the border with Egypt. The graffiti allows a glimpse into some of the activities of non-elite people and their religious devotion to particular places. 


Exploring Africa’s Deepest Lakes

Africa's Deepest Lakes

Africa is home to some of the largest, deepest, and all-round awe-inspiring lakes in the world. Most of the major lakes on the continent are part of what is known as Africa’s “Great Lakes”. These are a series of lakes that lie along the East African Rift Valley and connect with both the Nile and Congo rivers.


The Ultimate Safari Bucket List

Safari Bucket List

Safari is often and best experienced as a combination of elements, an equation of ‘safari and…’ bush and beach; Botswana and Victoria Falls; Kruger, Cape Town and the Winelands. If you’re coming this far, you should experience as much as you can. Here is a list of new reasons to go on safari and exciting ways to extend your trip that you will be talking about for the next two decades.


Marrakech One Of Top 20 Places To Visit In 2020


Forbes named Marrakech in their top 20 places to visit in 2020. Marrakech is one of the popular cities in Morocco that record a continuous increase of tourists annually. Marrakech is the hotspot for tourists who are active and adventurous and who are interested in exploring different cultural experiences. From city walks through the Old City and the New City, to coastal wellness retreats mixing up yoga and surfing. Enjoy local restaurants serving up seasonal produce and sustainable-yet-stylish lodging. Don’t miss a private visit to Yves Saint Laurent’s home and the Majorelle Gardens!


Africa’s Most Stunning Churches And Cathedrals 

Churches And Cathedrals

No matter how remote the place, there is always a church somewhere. One amazing thing about churches is the out of this world aesthetics they come with. Church designs usually come with some uncommon cryptic details of belief, time past and their style of representation. To truly appreciate their structure and architecture one needs to have a sharp and heightened sense of appeal.


The Perfect Combo For A Unique Safari Experience

Unique Safari Experience

Explore the best of East Africa’s safari reserves when you create an itinerary that combines iconic national parks and reserves from the two leading safari destinations – Kenya and Tanzania. You can even take a bus ride from Nairobi to Arusha or Dar Es Salaam and vice versa. The combination tours are numerous and you can be sure of getting a reliable tour operator to tailor-make any combination country tour for you. Here are some of our favorite destinations across both countries.


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