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1Nollywood Actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Joins Oscars’ Academy

As part of an effort to improve diversity and connect to African audiences, the Oscars Academy has broadened its ranks to include acclaimed Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde.


2Who Is Benefitting from the Nostalgic Vintage Releases in African Music?

Vintage African music is all the rage, but it’s not always clear who benefits from these re-releases and what it says about the value ascribed to African art.

SOURCES: Okayafrica

3Natsai Audrey Chieza on Working With Nature to Solve Fashion’s Waste Problem

Thanks to a Zimbabwean design researcher, the fashion industry may be on the verge of a tech breakthrough that will make its products far less toxic and more sustainable.

SOURCES: Design Indaba

4Is Ikoyi London’s Most Exciting Restaurant?

With inventive yet authentic takes on West African cuisine, London’s Ikoyi may be the city’s most exciting restaurant.


53 Must Watch Films at This Year’s Durban International Film Festival

It’s time again for the Durban International Film Festival, and here are three films that you cannot miss.


6Attracting Individual Domestic Investors into Tourism

Kenya’s domestic tourism sector is thriving. The numbers between 2015 and 2016 are proof that the traditional European market is increasingly offset by arrivals from other African nations which increased by 30%. These visitors were mainly from Uganda and South Africa who, together, accounted for 35% of the continent’s arrivals to Kenya. This consistent growth sustained by domestic and continental travelers, represents attractive earnings for global hotel chains.

SOURCES: Africa.com

7Tunisia is Hungry for Visitors

There’s one place where you can still stake out your own patch of shoreline far from the crowds, wander through Roman ruins all by yourself and visit the sands of the Sahara and the sands of the beach in the same day. The country’s tourism industry was shattered in 2015 by a set of terrorist attacks, after already limping along in the wake of the 2011 Arab Spring revolutions.Lonely Planet returned to Tunisia for the first time in nearly a decade to update all of their information about the country, and were astounded by what they found.

SOURCES: Lonely Planet

8Some of the Most Impressive Bodies of Water in the World

Africa is home to dozens of unique bio-regions, there are plenty of lakes that support human, plant, and animal life. Some are the largest freshwater bodies in the world and some are highly caustic, supporting only uniquely adapted life. Either way, they’re all made for visiting whether you’re observing moon-like landscapes and salt ponds or scuba diving and enjoying a beer during sunset.


9Fez for Foodies

Morocco’s oldest and arguably most fascinating imperial city may have lagged behind Marrakech when it comes to boutique riads and stylish eateries, but there’s a subtle transformation underway. Ancient buildings are being restored, designers are breathing new life into age-old crafts and chefs are turning market produce into gourmet fare.

SOURCES: Independent

1020 Activities to Look Forward to in Cairo this Summer

Egypt offers many incredible experiences that go beyond the Pyramids. From breathtaking sights of the river Nile to the magnificent and awe-inspiring monuments; from the beguiling desert to a lush delta and from beaches to a vibrant culture to a rich culinary heritage. Egypt is a country with a great wealth of history that has long been eulogized, fantasized and romanticized.



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