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YouTube is Helping African Music Acts Go Global, Here’s How

African Music

While many dream of using YouTube as their launching pad to stardom, discovery doesn’t come easy. Thanks to a new partnership between YouTube and Mr. Eazi’s emPawa Foundation, however, emerging talents from Africa are getting a leg up and the chance to develop a global audience. The idea for emPawa was motivated by the need to give back to Africa’s music industry says Mr Eazi. In 2018, he called for online demo music submissions from artists across Africa using the hashtag #empawa100. Out of 10,000 entries received from 14 countries, 100 were handpicked and their videos funded at $3,000 apiece. Now, emPawa has many moving parts. The incubator helps artists market their music, provides them with access to TV and radio stations for airplay, and enrolls some of them for classes with top business managers so they can become independent music entrepreneurs. 

OkayAfrica Presents: ‘The Adinkra Oracle’ with Simone Bresi-Ando

OkayAfrica Presents

We’re all familiar with seeking guidance from the stars, but what about our ancestors?  In a new series from OkayAfrica, Simone Bresi-Ando teaches us about Adinkra and provides us with monthly readings. The Ghanaian-British PR expert, social commentator and activist developed Bresi-Ando Tools For Living—a lifestyle hub providing ‘tools for life’ to help one get through the ups and downs utilizing what we already have, to manifest what we want. One of her tools you’ll be getting to know through this series is the Adinkra Ancestral Guidance Cards—a deck comprised of 44 Adinkra symbols to help you channel information, messages and direction from your ancestors using Adinkra symbols. As many may know, the Adinkra is an ancient language linked with the Akan people of Ghana and the Gyaman people of Ivory Coast. 


How Blackboard is Helping Kids Unleash their Creativity


To inspire a new generation of diverse creatives, Blackboard is teaching kids from South Africa’s townships about career opportunities in fields such as animation, photography, film-making and design. The initiative works with kids just entering high school and continues to work with them throughout their high school careers. The students are registered in grade 8 and from there the team at Blackboard are able to identify the ones who are determined to follow a career path in the creative industry. 


The Folklore is the Online Shop of your Dreams

luxe African fashions

If you’re looking for luxe African fashions, you need to check out the Folklore, an online shop founded by Amira Rasool, which celebrates the best of African design. Now with a lucrative business and consistent clientele through online sales and pop-up shops, founder Amira Rasool is launching a crowdfunding campaign via iFund Women. The campaign will help The Folklore continue their business as well as create a bigger budget to connect with more African designers.


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Interview – Burna Boy – Serving Up Afro-Fusion with ‘African Giant’ 

Burna Boy

Trevor Noah sits down with Nigerian music sensation Burna Boy and learns about his process for creating music and his thoughts about the future for African music.


See Africa by Train

Africa by Train

On a continent where taking things slowly is compulsory, it won’t come as much of a surprise the 46-hour journey along the 1160-mile (1860km) route from Tanzania’s port city to New Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia often ends up taking far longer. Then again, few trains in the world offer the chance – and we should point out that it’s a chance rather than a guarantee – of spotting big game from your seat, but the Tazara (Tanzania and Zambia Railway Authority) does exactly that. For many, the highlight is neither the scenery nor the wildlife, though; it is the chance to spend two days watching everyday life out of the window, and enjoying the clamour and chaos when the train pulls to a halt, scheduled or unscheduled.


More than Sandy Beaches in this African Gem

Sandy Beaches

Mauritius holds several beautiful circuits for hiking and nature lovers. The heart of the island, is bordered by volcanic peaks which in addition to being accessible on foot, also offers amazing panoramic views. The island offers professionals, passionate amateurs and beginners no less than ten 18-hole courses and three 9-hole courses in perfect conditions for the game. Whether you wish to view the island’s beauty from the sea or you want to revel in a leisurely day, shaded from the sun from the windfilled mainsail, a wide choice of sea excursions is available to suit all preferences. Mauritius holds over ten natural parks and leisure parks. All it takes is a stroll around to understand that Mauritians love street food. Every corner presents a variety of local specialities. 


Togo’s Enchanted Castle still a Crowd Pleaser

Togo's Enchanted Castle

When people talk about Togo, they often mention the Queens of African fabric known as the Nana Benz, they speak of the remains of the slave trade of Agbodrafo or they may speak of the German Cathedral of Lomé. It’s not Versailles, but the Viale castle. It’s in the town of Kpalimé, 120 km northwest of the capital Lomé and a few kilometres from the Togo-Ghana border. Above the town is Mount Kloto, where Château Viale stands, a presidential residence since 1975. Over time, the castle has deteriorated and lost its brilliance. However, its beauty and historical significance keeps it a local tourist attraction.


Casablanca is a Destination Full of Surprise


A large metropolis of 4 million inhabitants,the economic and financial capital of Morocco, a more modern city where thousands of foreigners come from all over the world not only to visit the city, but also to work and live. Behind these realities is a city full of history with an architectural heritage, ancient and recent, a dynamic city, proud of its past and confident in its future. With its contemporary buildings dedicated to business, Casablanca offers an active and dynamic image of Morocco in the 21st century. Take for example the business activities of Casanearshore Park and the enormous Technopark building that greets you while entering the city from the airport. Here, you will plunge into the roots of the country’s history by traveling through the ancient city of Casablanca. Surrounded by walls, it unrolls its shady alleys around the Great Mosque. You may also feel the pulse of the city on a stroll along the Cornich, where you can take in views of the sea.


Addis Ababa Posted Africa’s Highest Average Daily Rate

From July 2018 through June 2019 the city registered an absolute average daily rate (ADR) of US $163.79 when measured in constant currency, which removes the effects of inflation. It’s a 1.1% increase year on year. The next closest STR-defined markets in Africa were Accra, Ghana ($160.34) and Lagos, Nigeria ($132.51). Addis Ababa’s occupancy over the same 12-month time period was 58.4%, up 6.5% year over year. Cairo & Giza was the continent’s occupancy leader at 74.5%. Cape Town Centre, South Africa (65.0%), ranked second in the metric followed by Accra (59.7%). This according to the most recent 12-month data from STR when surveying hotels on the continent.


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