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Lupita Nyong’o on Narrating a Wildlife Documentary

Lupita Nyong'o

Another wildlife documentary?  Yes, but ‘Serengeti’ is different.  Learn why Lupita Nyong’o found it so compelling and eagerly signed on as its narrator. Ms. Nyong’o understood that these shows can be mundane and repetitive, telling the same stories of how animals live in the wild. John Downer’s “Serengeti” stood out because of its attention to specific animals and their day-to-day lives, which includes fighting within their clans, searching for love and trying to survive when outsiders are ready to attack. The documentary, which was filmed on a game reserve in Tanzania over two years, feels more like a dramatized TV show than a documentary, but drama is part of its appeal. It follows several animals in the park, including Kali, a lioness who has been exiled from her pride and is struggling to raise her cubs alone; Bakari, a baboon who is trying to figure out how to win back a female baboon’s affection after another male gets her attention; and Zalika, a hyena who becomes queen of her clan sooner than she expected. The British actor John Boyega narrates the British version of the show, which premiered on BBC One earlier this month. Over the course of six episodes, viewers get to know the animals “more from their own perspective”.     The New York Times    

These Are the 10 Most Streamed South African Women Artists on Apple Music

SA Women Artists

It’s Women’s Month on Apple Music, and they’re getting things started by profiling the 10 most streamed female artists from South Africa. On top of the list is R&B;/pop musician Shekhinah. Shekhinah has been one of the most loved South African artists across all genres and genders in the past few years since releasing the single “Back to the Beach,” a collaborative effort with Kyle Deutsch. She released her debut album Rose Gold in 2017, and it was certified platinum in 2018. Shekhinah is followed by Lady Zamar, an artist whose rise has been impressive to watch. Her debut album King Zamar (2017) was a collection of strong vocal house tunes that resonated with most of the country and did great numbers. Her sophomore album Monarch consists of a cocktail of production styles, and is poised to travel as far as her debut did, if not further. Karen Zoid, Lebo Sekgobela, Simmy, Karlien van Jaarsveld, Zonke Dikana, Amanda Black, Juanita du Plessis and Ntokozo Mbambo complete the list.


The Tale of Activists Involved in Leading the Way from Ethiopia to Sudan

Ethiopia to Sudan

Netflix has started streaming a movie based on the true story of the rescue of Ethiopian Jews escaping civil war. The Red Sea Diving Resort is about a fake resort in Sudan that was set up by an Israeli Mossad agent and used as a front for smuggling hundreds of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. It is written and directed by Gideon Raff and stars renowned actor Chris Evans, from Marvel’s Captain America. The story is based on covert Israeli military operations to rescue Ethiopian Jews in the early 1980s as they escaped famine and the brutal Marxist regime of Mengistu Hailemariam. Evans plays the Israeli agent who ran an operation with a ragtag team of spies, using a deserted holiday retreat as a front. The most famous real-life missions were Operation Solomon and Operation Moses, which airlifted thousands of Ethiopians to Israel via Sudan. There are currently more than 150,000 Ethiopian Jews now living in Israel. About 7,000 of them still remain stranded and in uncertainty in Ethiopia, waiting to reunite with their families in the Jewish state.


Designer Siyanda Mbele on Fusing Functionality, Aesthetics and Culture

Siyanda Mbele

South African designer, Siyanda Mbele, whose Mvelo desk was nominated for one of “The Most Beautiful Objects in South Africa,” shares his approach to design and the importance of inspiring other Africans to create for Africans. The name of his company, Pinda Furniture, is derived from a Zulu word for again. He says it represents a time in his life that he refused to give up. Instead, he chose to follow through with his ambitions as a designer by incorporating the elements that he found lacking in mainstream design. With Pinda Furniture, he recognises the need for African culture to be represented by African designers. 


Inside the Wekafore Universe 

Wekafore Universe

Nigeria-born, Barcelona-based Wekafore Maniu Jibril calls his fashion “Afro-primitive-futuristic functional-disco activewear” and credits far-ranging influences from his youth in Nigeria.  He says, and it’s inspired by everything from The Nuba tribe of South Sudan, to motherhood and divine femininity, to Fela Kuti. Like many young designers plotting the future of their brands, Wekaforé wants to think about the ways in which he can make meaningful change. “I think the right question now is how much good do I want to bring into my world? How much do I wish to sacrifice for the greater good?” he says. “The Wekaforé brand is at the forefront of igniting the new African consciousness.


[OPINION] Tourists Shouldn’t be Put off by the Latest Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Outbreak

Prospective holiday and business travellers to East Africa are no doubt closely following developments of the Ebola virus outbreak in the region. Currently, more people are dying from measles in the DRC than Ebola, and the chances of a holidaymaker or business visitor coming into contact with the virus there is negligible. The greatest risks on a trip to sub-Saharan Africa are from traffic accidents and malaria, and there is a lot you can do to lessen the dangers of both, such as avoiding travel at night and choosing a driver and vehicle you instinctively feel safe with in the former, and taking malaria tablets, sleeping under a mosquito net and using a decent insect repellent in the latter.  


If You’re into Music, these African Festivals are For You

African Festivals

The continent of Africa is bursting with festivals and musical celebrations preserving their heritage and culture with respect to legends like Fela Kuti. Local and international artists draw in crowds from all over the world to enjoy the fusion of Afrobeats and African sounds with hip-hop, pop, rock, and other genres of music. You can expect epic adventures, outdoor camping, and a combination of sights, sounds, and cultures at almost any music festival in Africa. Attendees say Malawi’s Lake of Stars is more than a music festival. The annual celebration of artistic expression showcases some of the hottest South African acts.


What Makes Kenya’s Beaches Among the Best?

Kenya's Beaches

Astride the equator on roughly the same latitude as the Seychelles and Maldives, Bali and northern Brazil, Kenya enjoys the same geographical conditions as some of the world’s top sun, sea and sand destinations. There’s enough breeze for sailing and wind-powered adventure sports. The same goes for the restaurant scene, where a wide selection of places serve modern takes on traditional Kenya cuisine, as well as international dishes. Most of Kenya’s best beaches are located just north and south of Mombasa in the southeast. The northeast shore is virtually deserted except for exotic Lamu Island and a few hideaways around Mambrui.. The Indian Ocean is soothingly warm, colored varying shades of green and blue. Coral reefs, many of them protected inside marine national parks, shelter much of the coast, providing habitats for a plethora of sea-life. There’s enough breeze for sailing and wind-powered adventure sports, but not so much that it’s going to blow you away. Once upon a time, there wasn’t much in the way of beachside hotels beyond Mombasa and Malindi. Nowadays, however, there’s accommodation at every level, from backpacker hostels to chic boutique properties.The same goes for the restaurant scene, where a wide selection of places serve modern takes on traditional Kenya cuisine, as well as international dishes. Most of Kenya’s best beaches are located just north and south of Mombasa in the southeast. The northeast shore is virtually deserted except for exotic Lamu Island and a few hideaways around Mambrui.

Your Travel List Inspired by Rihanna’s Anthems

Rihanna's Anthems

A freaky, offbeat celebration of all things supernatural, Disturbia is Rihanna at her most spine-tingling. If the song’s dark themes and twisted lyrics get your imagination running riot, head to the chilling ghost towns and eerie tree-trunk silhouettes of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.


Visit the Biblical Scenes Carved into Mokkatam Hill at the Seven Caves of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Mokkatam Hill

Polish sculptor Marius Dybich, also known as Mario puts final touches on his latest creations. In his 23 years in Egypt, Mario will have made about 70 works. A feat for this 51-year-old man, who had no experience in sculpturing at the time. Married to an Egyptian woman, the artist still does not have Egyptian nationality. Yet, he cannot imagine living anywhere else than in Cairo, the adopted country where he has forged close friendships and shared unique experiences. On the walls of the vast cave, which can accommodate up to 20,000 people for mass religious gatherings, the artist’s works preach the gospel. Mario said “our message is to make people understand that we do not carve statues to worship. We tell the story through biblical art. It’s like an artistic language, like the pharaohs when they told stories through their drawings.”


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