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Viola Davis is Developing a Series Based on Octavia Butler’s ‘Wild Seed’ with Nnedi Okorafor and Wanuri Kahiu            

Wanuri Kahiu

Learn about the exciting new Amazon series being developed by Viola Davis based on Octavia Butler’s novel ‘Wild Seed’, which will be adapted by Nigerian sci-fi writer Nnedi Okorafur and directed by Kenyan Wanuri Kahiu. Wild Seed is a love (and hate) story of two African immortals who travel the ages from pre-Colonial West Africa to the far, far future. Doro, a killer who uses his power to breed people like livestock, encounters Anyanwu, a healer who forces him to reassess his millennia of cruel behavior: for centuries, their personal battles change the course of our world as they struggle against the backdrop of time — master vs slave, man vs woman, killer vs healer.


Thebe Magugu is the LVMH Prize Finalist

Thebe Magugu

Prioritising the Study of African History  For the first time, the LVMH Prize has nominated two Africans, all the more poignant because finalist Thebe Magugu has based his collection on African history.  At 26 years old, Thebe joins a very short list of African-born designers to be nominated for the LVMH Prize. The historic lack of African representation within the competition and inside other Western design institutions has less to do with an absence of talent on the continent, and more to do with the tendency for people living outside of Africa to not appreciate or consider African fashion, beyond the scope of traditional African printed designs that have come to define the industry.  Entitled African Studies, Thebe considers autumn/winter 19 as much a multi-disciplinary project as an actual collection. Just last month, he debuted his new zine, Faculty Press, which explored the same theme. This concept of African studies has inspired him to reflect closely on the traditional images of Africa and insert them into a contemporary vision that, like the rest of the world, is impacted by global modernisation.


Chioma Onwutalobi on Creating the Most Distributed African Lifestyle Magazine

Chioma Onwutalobi

Glam Africa is a huge success as an African lifestyle magazine, and it’s all due to the tireless efforts of 24-year old entrepreneur, Chioma Onwutalobi. She was recently featured on Forbes highlighting her story as a successful entrepreneur. This feature highlights the journey of a 24 year old entrepreneur seeking to change the narrative associated with Africa. From a thriving legal career to diving into the publishing industry, she shared what led her down the path to working with some of Africa’s most prominent celebrities making Glam Africa the most distributed African lifestyle magazine today. Chioma’s career began in the legal department of London-based oil & gas firm. Qualifying as a lawyer was something she had always wanted to do. As part of her role, she found herself frequently traveling to various parts of Africa, often for months at a time, including Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and The Democratic Republic of Congo. Whilst working on deals, she felt significantly disconnected to her country of origin and came to the realization that she knew very little about its neighboring African countries. When sharing this with her peers (many of whom are also second or third generation African immigrants) it became clear that this was a common theme and concern for them also. At university, Chioma had previously created one of Nigeria’s most popular news websites, which at one point ranked in the top 100 on Google Analytics so was familiar with the concept of distributing online content that would keep readers engaged and updated with trending news.      


Okwui Enwezor – the Nigerian Art Curator Showed Africa to the World  

Okwui Enwezor

Learn about the amazing life and untimely death of Nigerian art curator Okwui Enwezor, who transfored the curatorial world and catapulted Africa into the global art scene. Over two decades Okwui Enwezor emerged as a dominant and highly influential voice in curatorial practice and contemporary art history. Born in Nigeria in 1963, Enwezor not only introduced many artists and works to calcified Western canons. He was also a trailblazer in roles that had historically been occupied by Europeans. His brilliant conceptual rigor was realized in exhibitions that often felt larger than life. His curatorial style was often a mash up, combining unexpected encounters between art, documentary, popular culture and the archive; between different media, and between past and present.


This Bible Verse Inspired Building Has a Unique Swan-Like Design

Bosjes Chapel

See the gorgeous chapel on a vineyard in South Africa that is literally a slice of heaven.  The Bosjes Chapel might be the next reason why Instagrammers might soon be hopping from Cape Town to a wine farm about two hours out of town. This is because the chapel, situated on a wine farm outside of Worcester, is something out of the ordinary. According to head designer of the project Coetzee Steyn, the owners wanted the architecture to reflect a specific verse, namely, Psalm 36:7 – “How precious, O God, is your constant love! We find protection under the shadow of your wings.” The Bosjes compound comprises a number of buildings of which the chapel is the centrepiece, reflecting the “manor house with surrounding outbuildings” approach which was a popular way to configure farmhouses in the area traditionally. Construction of the Bosjes Chapel started in 2011 and it was completed in 2016. The chapel is flanked by a restaurant named Bosjes Kombuis, also designed by Steyn Studio, and the two in combination is used as a scenic wedding venue, function hall and wine tasting location.


Reader’s Review on a Cooking Class with the Kids in Morocco

Kids in Morocco

“When I went to Morocco we went to a really fun cooking course in a city called Tangier. When we arrived we were greeted by some lovely people and shown the right way to make and pour Moroccan mint tea. We even got to try some! They use a lot of sugar in the tea which makes it very sweet, but luckily I like sweet tea. Next we got onto the cooking, cutting vegetables to start off our meal of vegetarian Moroccan royal couscous. We made the couscous and a delicious topping which used cinnamon and spices. I loved the taste of it. We also got to make our own bread. It was fun watching it go to the oven, which was in the main town; all the local people use it for their bread too. At the end we tried the food and it was amazing. It’s so cool that we made it by ourselves and I can’t wait to make it at home and impress everyone!”


Addis Ababa Hosts the Best Street Carnival in Town


Epiphany, also known as Timket, a word derived the ancient Semitic language of Ge’ez, is a joyous celebration and one of the most popular dates in the Orthodox Church calendar. In recognition of the three kings following the Eastern Star and bringing gifts to the Christ child, it takes place 12 days after Christmas on the 19 January. Many come to listen to venerated priests and holy men perform the epiphany service around the baptismal pool or to hear sermons in a large tented area. But just as many are attending for the recreational activities taking place after religious readings are complete. After about half an hour, there is shrieking! Now the festivities really begin. Several have brought footballs and set up impromptu pitches far from where serious sermons have been taking place, while still others bring picnic lunches of traditional Ethiopian food including injera bread and wonderfully spicy curries and lentils. Small stoves are set up for coffee beans to be freshly roasted to make the deep, dark drink that is revered here. Some attendees have come by horse and offer rides to delighted children.


This African Hotel from Star Wars to be Demolished

Hotel du Lac in Tunis

Much of the shooting for the original Star Wars movies took place in Tunisia, and legend has it that one local landmark made a powerful impression on its creator, George Lucas. The influence of Hotel du Lac in Tunis, shaped like an upside-down pyramid with serrated edges, would later be seen in the fictional Sandcrawler vehicle used by the Jawas of the Tatooine desert planet in the film. The brutalist hotel designed by Italian architect Raffaele Contigiani features 416 rooms across ten floors of increasing width. In February, architect and activist Sami Aloulou announced on a famous Tunisian radio station that the hotel was scheduled for imminent demolition. Aloulou’s statement prompted an outcry on social media from architecture lovers. A petition was swiftly launched to save “one of Tunisia’s premier brutalist structures – important to the country and to the world.


Three Perfect ways for Design Lovers to Make the Most of a Trip to the Western Cape

Western Cape

An ocean the color of Bradley Cooper’s eyes, mountains that rival Rio’s Sugar Loaf, and vineyards that produce wine that’s so good, you’ll rethink everything you know about oenophilia. Cape Town has been southern Africa’s It city for the better part of the 21st century—a metropolis that’s maintained its relevance thanks to its transformative restaurant and design scene. As it continues to mature, like any good Cape wine, so do the areas surrounding it. Here, three new places to seek in Cape Town and its surrounds.


Promoting Green Solutions in the Travel Business

Green Solutions

Africa’s Travel Indaba recognises the importance of high value-low impact tourism and preserving the environment through innovative solutions. For the first time, the indaba will introduce the Green Stand Awards to recognize exhibitors who go that extra “green” mile to build and design stands that are environmentally and socially sustainable. The awards have been implemented successfully at Meetings Africa in recent years and bringing it to Africa’s Travel Indaba will start the conversation with exhibitors to consider responsible tourism as a part of their offerings. It will be taking place between 2-4 May, 2019 in Durban South Africa. 


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