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Chiwetel Ejiofor’s New Film Shows a Different Side of Africa You’ve Never Seen Before

William Kamkwamba

In his directorial debut, Chiwetel Ejiofor tells the true story of a Malaiwian boy whose ingenuity helped to save his village.  Currently in theaters and streaming on Netflix, the film tells the true story of William Kamkwamba, a young man from Malawi who saves his village from starving during a drought by building a windmill. Ejiofor said it was important to show the world a different side of a country, which is often stigmatized with being associated with “famine or those kinds of challenges broadly in Africa…from an outside perspective.”


Elnathan John Slams Hustle Culture in ‘Be(com)ing Nigerian’     

Elnathan John

In his latest book, Elnathan John dissects Nigeria’s hustle culture and the impact it has on society and the country’s progress. The author has won prestigious awards and international acclaim for his debut novel ‘Born on a Tuesday,’ a tale of sectarian violence in the North of Nigeria seen through the eyes of a child. For his hotly-anticipated follow-up, the Kaduna-born, Berlin-based satirist and “recovering lawyer” has focused his attentions on the enduring cult of the hustle. ‘Be(com)ing Nigerian’ is a collection of vignettes sending up the most egregious tendencies of the rich and powerful in the author’s homeland, as well as the idiosyncrasies that shape the wider culture. But there is a common theme that connects it all.


Introducing OkayAfrica’s 100 Women List 2019   

OkayAfrica's 100 Women

OkayAfrica profiles 100 African women who are powerhouses across numerous fields and whose efforts are changing the continent for the better. Nigerian women’s right activist Funmilayo Ransome Kuti was only in her 20s when she organized literacy classes for women, a pathway that eventually led to her playing an integral role in women’s right to vote. South Africa’s Prudence Mabele was just 22 years old when, in 1992, she decided to publicly disclose her HIV status—the first Black woman in South Africa to do so—to create and promote policy that would support women living with the virus. And Ilhan Omar, America’s first Somali-American Congresswoman (and one of two Muslim Congresswoman) is stoking fire in the U.S. to finally challenge the archaic and white supremacy patriarchy of its government.


#GlobalGrad Tshepo Mokholo on Innovating Traditional Architectural Practises

#GlobalGrad Tshepo Mokholo

Hear the inspiring story of how one passionate architect begat another and learn about the innovative methods they’re deploying to transform architecture in Rwanda. As part of the 2016 Design Indaba Emerging Creatives class, Tshepo Mokholo got the chance to listen to talks from the main speakers at that Design Indaba Festival. The Soweto-born architect and designer was so moved by a talk by Rwandan star-architect, Christian Benimana, that he had to meet him. This year, Mokholo graced the Design Indaba Conference stage himself, inspiring others as he was inspired by Benimana. While at the African Design Centre, Mokholo has spent time exploring how new layers of creativity and ingenuity can be applied to existing cultural practises like pottery, weaving and woodwork. To give them a greater degree of architectural value, he began looking at how he could apply the process of weaving to building panels, extrapolating woven baskets traditionally applied as decorative wall elements in Rwanda.


Ghanaian-British Model Adwoa Aboah Honoured with Her Own Barbie Doll

Model Adwoa Aboah

In an effort to further diversify the Barbie universe and empower young girls of color, Mattel has included an Adwoa Aboah doll in its latest Shero Collection.     Barbie doll marked its 60th anniversary on International Women’s Day (March 8). Aboah has been unveiled as a “Shero” doll along with 20 other incredible women – from journalists to cycling champions – who actively inspire the next. Founder of the “really happy” Gurls Talk was introduced to her unique Role Model Barbie at Mattel in Los Angeles in the United States. The doll is dressed in a replica of a Michael Halpern dress, a Stephen Jones Millinery for Halpern turban and Christian Louboutin shoes.


Despite the Reputation Egypt is Back on Travel Wishlists

Egypt Travel

Egypt may not be the easiest place to travel as a woman, but overall, the good far outweighs the bad. Aside from its wealth of ancient ruins, historic monuments, vast desert and coral reefs, one of the main joys of an Egypt trip are the people themselves. Egyptians are some of the most hospitable and garrulous people in the world. Although catcalling is rife, for every time a young man yells at you in the street, there will be an invitation to sit down and have lunch with a shopkeeper or a temple site-guardian who dishes out tea and jokes with you. Some of the best times to be had in Egypt are these random interactions, and female travellers would do well to not shut themselves off from chatting to Egyptian men for fear of being harassed. Go prepared, but bring an open mind.


Real Life Locations in South Africa that Inspired Wakanda

South Africa Wakanda

Now a cultural phenomenon the world over, Hannah Beachler’s imagining of an Afrofuturist Wakanda has clearly resonated with viewers. Sentinel Peak in the Drakensberg Mountains in the winter ended up inspiring M’Baku’s throne room. Nakia & T’Challa’s Spot is inspired by the Three Rondavels, in Mpumalanga, the production team actually filmed the canyon and you can see the rondavels in the background of the scene where Nakia is talking to T’Challa alone. Oribi Gorge [and Lehr’s Waterfall] in Kwa-zulu Natal set the tone for Warrior Falls. Golden City was inspired by the skylines found in Nairobi and Lagos as well as the Ndebele people who paint their homes in vibrant colors. You can see rondavel-shapes here, too. It was a mix of nature and the different tribes and cultures of Africa.


Encouraging Tourists to Spend more Nights and Money in East Africa

East Africa Tourism

Tour operators in Tanzania and Rwanda have agreed to jointly market the two countries as complementary destinations in their latest efforts to offer the tourists expansive adventure space. Tanzanian officials visited Volcano National Park with mountain gorillas, did kayaking and boat riding on Lake Kivu and canopy walkway in the Nyungwe Forest, among other tourism spots visited, as part of their mission to explore tourist products in Rwanda.


Here’s Why Fez is the the Place to Be


Often overshadowed by Marrakech, Fez is a charming small city that is just as impressive to outsiders. Located in the northern region of Morocco, the city is surrounded by hilly terrain and woodlands, making it one of the prettiest places to be in the area. It’s home to famous tanneries. When walking through souks in Morocco, you’ll find gorgeously-dyed leather shoes, handbags and wallets ranging in many colors from burnt sienna to bright fuchsia. Fez is ancient with mosaic art, arched doorways, and lovely iron works. The fun perks of exploring a walled, ancient city is never knowing exactly what you’ll find around the corner.


[WATCH] Morocco’s First Female Mountain Guide

Hafida Hdoubane

In Morocco, a small group of women are challenging traditional gender roles by becoming trekking tour leaders. Hafida Hdoubane is one of only 10 women guides in the country. She takes women-only groups to visit nomadic Moroccan women in the High Atlas mountains.


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