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Lagos, City of Hustle, Builds an Art ‘Ecosystem’

Lagos, City

Due in large part to some female entrepreneurs, the Lagos art scene is achieving a critical mass, and its annual art fair, Art X Lagos, has evolved into a cultural happening that draws an international audience. Lagosians are proud of their “hustle,” a mix of effort, imagination, and brash optimism and will turn any challenge into enterprise. Commerce, music, fashion, have long thrived amid the chaos. And now, with its solid collector base and thickening web of galleries and alternative spaces, has created a sought after ecosystem.


The ‘Africa In the Media’ Study Shows How Africans are Misrepresented in American Television

Africa In the Media

In its first research report, the Africa Narrative Project, evaluated African representation in American media, and the results may surprise you. A group of researchers analyzed over 700,000 hours of programming, as well as a whopping 1.6 million tweets related to the African continent and its people. They found that despite the appearance of progress—with major motion pictures such as Black Panther rocking the film industry—there is still a long way to go to in ensuring that Africa is portrayed in the media in a way that is reflective of reality. The study shows that out of the continent’s 54 countries, just five nations “grab the bulk of attention” in American television programming. They are: Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Seychelles, and Congo, which account for 49 percent of all mentions of Africa. Perhaps more unsettling is that in many television portrayals, Africans are often hyper-sexualized.


Reviving the History of Cocoa Production in Ghana

Cocoa Production in Ghana

Ghana was once the world’s largest producer of cocoa, and a new museum aims to celebrate this history, as well as the culture and community that spawned it. Lebanese-Ghanaian firm KEY Architecture Group are hoping to revive the Ghanaian village of Mampong while celebrating its past and aiding its economic upliftment. Architects and founders Hussein and Imad Fakhry have conceptualised the Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Museum, planned to be built on the very farm where the first cocoa seeds were planted on the Gold Coast in Ghana. The area holds particular significance in the story of Ghana’s economics and growth. At one point the country was responsible for more than half of the world’s cocoa production. Now, they’ll be sharing their vision at Design Indaba Festival in an exhibition that will include plans, 3D renders and animations.

SOURCES: Design Indaba

Michael B. Jordan is Making ‘Black Leopard, Red Wolf’ a Movie

Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Michael B. Jordan, of ‘Black Panther’ fame, has announced his plans to adapt Marlon James’ African fantasy novel into a film. James is also on board to executive produce the film. The story follows a bounty hunter named Tracker who searches for a missing boy that’s believed to be the potential heir to the throne, all while countering the political warfare threatening the empire he serves. Like most fantasy and science-fiction books, James’s includes whimsical characters like a witch, a talking buffalo, a giant, and even a shape-shifter that all join Tracker on his quest.


Food Bloggers bring Africa’s Rich Cuisines to the World

Tuleka Prah

Tuleka Prah hopes to show the care and skill that goes into African dishes, such as South Africa’s fried dough amagwinya and Kenya’s kachumbari, an onion and tomato salad, as part of My African Food Map, a blog and film archive. “The idea, at its most basic, is to present the food how people who love it would prepare it. It’s like a database or a digital vault where people can open the drawer, see recipes, see some ingredients,” says Prah. Born in England to a Ghanaian father and a South African mother, she lived in six African countries during her childhood including Namibia, Kenya and what is now South Sudan.


Africa’s New Travel Hot Spot

Ghana New Travel Spot

Ghana has unveiled a 15-year-long tourism plan that seeks to increase the annual number of tourists to the country from one million to eight million per year by 2027. Ghana’s travel industry is projected to raise $8.3 billion a year by 2027, plus associated benefits, according to the plan. When some of the most well-known faces from the African diaspora arrived for a recent vacation in Accra, Ghana, it looked like just another gathering of famous people. Actors including Idris Elba rubbed shoulders with supermodel Naomi Campbell, TV sports presenter Mike Hill, and author Luvvie Ajayi. The meet-up of box office stars, fashion royalty and top creatives was a focused and ambitious strategy to make Ghana a major tourist destination.


The Castle of Good Hope is a Perfect Family Excursion

Castle of Good Hope

Visiting castles with kids is that, unlike museums, there tends to be space for children to run around and areas for picnics, making it easy to spend the whole day out stepping back in time. The oldest surviving building in South Africa shares its story in a series of exhibitions and museums that won’t overwhelm young minds. After an info download, walk the battlements, take in the view and get your collective heads round the fact this inland castle was once on the seafront. Kids will love: the pomp and ceremony of the changing of the keys at 10am each day and the firing of cannons.


A Treat before a Long Haul Flight

South Africa's international airports

The Slow lounges found at most of South Africa’s international airports work on the philosophy that the journey is as important as the destination. Take a breather by joining a wine tasting or feasting at the buffet table. In Cape Town, the cocktails of the Horizon Bar change colour depending on the time of day to mirror the sun. Afterwards, freshen up with a shower in the private marble bathrooms or enjoy a free spa treatment. In the meantime, soak up the free Wi-Fi and power sockets or swap your book for another one at the Living Library. Just before you leave, have your jacket steamed to look as calm as you feel.


Thinking of Visiting Mauritius?

Republic of Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius comprises the main Island of Mauritius and other small bordering islands. Mauritius is a refreshing blend of nature, people and cultures, set against the backdrop of a country that is embracing growth and development. It’s the perfect haven for the adventurous visitor. Many activities, sights, and sounds will completely fill up your itinerary. The beaches that dot the landscape in Mauritius are noted for their white sands, the turquoise blue lagoons, and the clean, beautiful warm seawater. You are spoiled for choice as you can find beaches in the north, south, east and western coasts of the country.


Go2Africa’s New Safari Bucket List


Safari is often and best experienced as a combination of elements, an equation of ‘safari and…’ bush and beach; Botswana and Victoria Falls; Kruger, Cape Town and the Winelands. If you’re coming this far, you should experience as much as you can. In this special article celebrating their 20th anniversary, Go2Africa compiled a list of new reasons to go on safari and exciting ways to extend your trip.


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