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The ‘Black Panther’ Costume and Song Oscar Nominations are a Big Moment

Black Panther Oscars

Learn why these particular Oscar nominations carry even greater political and cultural significance than ‘Black Panther’s’ nod for Best Picture.


Banning Skin Bleaching Products Won’t Work as Long as Fair Skin is Linked with Beauty and Success

Skin Bleaching Products Africa

Despite recent bans against skin whitening products in parts of Africa, its problematic usage will continue as society continues to associate light skin with beauty and gives such people an economic leg up.


5 Young African Music Video Directors to Look Out for in 2019

African Music Video Directors

The number and quality of African music videos is soaring, and here are 5 directorial talents you should follow.

SOURCES: Okayafrica

A Vote for Beauty: What Does It Mean to You?

Design Indaba

It’s time again for Design Indaba’s annual awards for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa. Take a look at the nominees and cast your vote.

SOURCES: Design Indaba

Eritrea’s Modernist Architecture: A Striking Reminder of Years of Oppression

Eritrea's Architecture

It may have earned Asmara a UNESCO world heritage designation, but the modernist architecture in Eritrea can trace its roots to a history of colonialism.

SOURCES: City Metric

Southern Africa’s Mighty and Impressive Bridges

Southern Africa’s Bridges

These bridges will take your next road trip in Southern Africa to new heights.

SOURCES: Getaway

Spend the Perfect Day in Cairo

Day in Cairo

Egypt is changing by the minute as it continues its post-revolution recovery, but there are still a number of unshakeable constants giving a nod to the city’s ancient past, soaking up its contemporary art and music scene, and learning the colloquial morning greeting to earn warm smiles and instant friends.

SOURCES: Lonely Planet

It just became Easier for Kenyans to Go to Seychelles

Nairobi-Seychelles route

Starting on Feb. 6, Kenya Airways will add flights on its Nairobi-Seychelles route, bringing the service to daily.

SOURCES: Travel Weekly

The South African Street Delicacy you have to Try


It’s hard to drive past a bag of koeksisters — plaited golden doughnuts that are almost impossibly crisp on the outside, slightly chewy on the inside and slathered in way-too-sweet syrup. They’re especially hard to resist when made by husband-and-wife duo Arno and Hannelie Arpin, who’ve been peddling their wares in between traffic in the unflashy Cape Town suburb of Goodwood for 26 years.


Chilling in Swakopmund

Swakopmund Museum

Make a visit to the Swakopmund Museum by the water (near the iconic lighthouse), where an impressive display of cultural artifacts will fill you in. For starters, you’ll learn many of the traditions and customs of different ethnic groups of Namibians. The museum shares the history of the city as a harbor port and in the early days, inland farmers would travel to Swakopmund to find relief from the unforgivable heat.


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