1WurlD: Nigeria’s Most Inspired Star?


Get to know the Nigerian singer, WurlD, whose smooth rhythms are putting him at the top of Afropolitans’ playlists.

SOURCES: Okayafrica

2“This Is America” Choreographer Sherrie Silver is Just Getting Started

Sherrie Silver

She’s been trotting the globe and innovating dance wherever she goes.  Meet Sherrie Silver, the Rwandan refugee turned dance sensation thanks to her choreography for Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America.’


3Fashion Designer Rich Mnisi Creates Furniture Inspired by His Great-Grandmother

Designer Rich Mnisi

Top South African fashion designer, Rich Mnisi, turns his creativity toward the home with a new line of leather and steel furniture inspired by a strong woman – his great grandmother.


46 of South Africa’s Best Up-and-Coming Illustrators

SA Illustrators

Check out the punchy and thought-provoking work of these 6 South African illustrators, whose artistry will be on display at the upcoming Design Indaba.

SOURCES: Design Indaba

5John Boyega to Produce South African Crime Thriller ‘God is Good’

John Boyega

Best known for his work in Star Wars, John Boyega, is turning his attention to producing a film in South Africa in an effort to showcase the country’s talent.

SOURCES: Hollywood Reporter

6Tunisia on a Plate

Tunisia on a Plate

Tunisians love to eat, but not as much as they love to feed their guests. If you’re invited to a Tunisian home for dinner, you’ll be regaled with a variety of heartwarming and palate-pleasing delights. Beautiful ceramic platters painted in colourful geometric patterns or the traditional green and yellow make the presentation of a dish as impressive as its preparation – you’ll want to dig in immediately.
SOURCES: Lonely Planet

7Explore Malawi’s Hidden Treasures

Malawi’s Hidden Treasures

In the city of Zomba, the Mulunguzi River in the Zomba Plateau is shrouded in mystery and mysticism. Some believe that the true source of the waterfall has never been discovered, and those who were close enough to reach it have either disappeared or did not have the guts to proceed the closer and scarier it got.


8Africa’s Largest Waterpark Opens

Happy Island Waterworld

Happy Island Waterworld has various exhilarating waterslides and cool pools to choose from that the whole family can enjoy, making for a fantastic day trip. The Typhoon slide, spiraling downward in the shape of a literal typhoon, is a first for African waterparks – this one is definitely not for the faint hearted.

SOURCES: Getaway

9A Pennywise Trip to Zambia

Trip to Zambia

From the people to the wildlife, Zambia is one of Africa’s hidden gems. Even though it is beautiful, it can also be expensive. This list shows things to do and ways to get around Zambia on a budget.


10Africa’s Tourism Sector has Grown Steadily for Years

Africa's Tourism Sector

Data from the World Tourism Organization now shows, African countries saw the highest growth average compared to any other region in the world. International tourist arrivals in the continent are estimated to have increased by 8.6% compared with a global average of 7%. That translated to almost 63 million visitors who brought in $37 billion to the continent in 2017.

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

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