1Oprah Delivers Stirring Keynote Speech in Honor of Nelson Mandela

Oprah's Keynote Speech

The audience was on its feet at Johannesburg University where Oprah provided a rousing tribute to the great Madiba.

SOURCES: Okayafrica

2Return of African Artifacts Sets a Tricky Precedent for Europe’s Museums

African Artifacts

With the French president committed to returning African artifacts to their countries of origin, great debate has ensued across Europe as to the scope and parameters for considering broader such moves.

SOURCES: New York Times

3Meet the 10-Year-Old DJ from Ghana Who Just Wowed World Leaders

Erica Armah Bra-Bulu Tandoh

She may only be 10 years old, but Erica Armah Bra-Bulu Tandoh, is a DJing sensation.  Thanks to pluck, determination and talent, this young Ghanaian has become an Internet darling and achieved star status for performing for world leaders.


4The 2019 Design Indaba Emerging Creatives Are Here

2019 Design Indaba

African music festivals are some of the best in the world, and here are 10 that should be on the top of every music lover’s list.

SOURCES: Design Indaba

5The Story of Indians in South Africa is About So Much More Than Gandhi

Indians in South Africa

With the largest African population of people of Indian descent, South Africa’s culture has been shaped in countless ways by the contributions and travails of these immigrants.

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

6All Aboard Egypt’s Watania Deluxe Sleeper Train

Egypt's Watania Deluxe Train

While there are several thousand kilometres of track in Egypt, the only year-round overnight service trundles between Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. It’s a deluxe, air-conditioned train operated by a private company called El Watania, otherwise known as ERNST, with reclining seats and two-bed cabins equipped with private sinks. Cabin service also includes airplane-style dinners, breakfasts and hot drinks.

SOURCES: Lonely Planet

7Paint the Town Blue in this Moroccan City


Chefchaouen is in the northwest of Morocco. It’s known by many Instagram and Pinterest addict as the “Blue City,” and is perched amid the dramatic landscape of the Rif Mountains.


8How to Have an Authentic African Experience this Festive Season

Authentic African Experience

Africa.com looks at how seasoned globe-trotter Penny (which is how she introduces herself) has turned her own love for authentic travel into a business aimed at creating experiences for South Africans in their own “backyard”.

SOURCES: Africa.com

9Africa’s New Wellness Retreat Spot

Africa’s New Wellness

If you’re looking to do your downward facing dog and practice your prana breathing outside of your regular yoga studio. Then push the envelope and go above and beyond with a yoga vacation in a place where nature is dramatic. Kenya is becoming one of the new places to be for yoga escapes and retreats.


10Madagascar’s Vintage Flair

Madagascar's Vintage Flair

Much-loved French cars from a bygone era rattle along the streets of Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo, doing their duty as private vehicle, taxis or even police cars. The Renault 4L and the Citroen 2CV, which have made way for sleek younger models elsewhere, are still part of daily life on the Indian Ocean Island, battling up its steep hills and wheezing towards top speed on its dusty main roads.

SOURCES: Economic Times

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