Africa Top10 Business News

Ethiopia's Economy

Ethiopia is Opening Key Economic Sectors to Private Investors

These include the state-owned Ethiopian Airlines and state-run telecoms; the privatization drive comes at a time when Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest carrier, is making big plans to expand into other markets in Africa and to include more international destinations. Read More

Zimbabwe Tech Hub

Here’s How Zimbabwe Plans to be a Leading Tech Hub in Africa

The southern African country, which has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa, is looking to China to help build capacity and technological know-how on becoming one of the continent’s biggest IT hubs underpinned by big data and artificial intelligence. Read More

Google’s AI Research Africa

Ghana to House Google’s First AI Research Centre in Africa

While the decision is the first of its kind for Google in Africa, the company has had offices on the continent for the past decade. It already operates a digital skills training program that it believes can ultimately benefit 10 million Africans. Read More

African Corporates

African Corporates and Governments Find Creative Ways to Ramp Up Infrastructure

There are a host of projects across Africa being financed through innovative methods and instruments and while the figures remain large the actors tackling the issue become ever more diverse. Read More

DRC’s Inga Dam

DRC’s Inga Dam Project to Become a Reality

It’s Africa’s biggest copper producer and the world’s largest source of cobalt, but a project to build Inga 3 and tackle power shortages that have curbed growth in the mining industry has been delayed for over a decade. Read More

Nigerian Village

This Nigerian Village Started a Banking System Off the Ground

Acheme is part of an alternative banking system that is sprouting in Africa’s largest economy, which had areas overrun by Boko Haram. The group blew up most commercial banks in Mubi with dynamite in November 2014 and carted away $2.6 million in cash. Read More

West Africa’s Skills

West Africa’s Skills and Youth Unemployment Crisis – Why Business Has a Critical Role to Play

Though economic growth is positive, the reality is that many recent graduates and school leavers are struggling to find employment. In Ghana, only 10% of school leavers find work within the first year, while 7.9 million youths in Nigeria remain unemployed. Read More

Water in Nairobi

Nairobi is Diversifying its Sources of Water

One solution is to rehabilitate a series of nearby wetlands, dams and swamps both inside and outside the city, and pump the water to the capital. That is something the government is working on together with donors and the private sector. Read More

Ugandan Cities

Critical Shortage of Architects could Leave Ugandan Cities Vulnerable

There are just 178 registered architects in this rapidly urbanising country, where buildings frequently collapse. Buildings designed in Uganda today tend to prioritise a certain aesthetic over practicality or sustainability. Read More

Invest in Mozambique

5 Reasons to Invest in Mozambique

One of South Africa’s top five African trading partners, Mozambique has been one of the ‘fastest-growing economies’ on the continent for the last two-and-a-half decades. It has outperformed both regional and global growth averages, with rich oil and gas reserves that are attracting substantial investment from across the globe. Read More


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