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Almost an Entire Village was Swept Away by Silt and Water

More than 30 people have been killed in Kenya’s Rift Valley after a dam burst its banks following weeks of torrential rain that also forced hundreds from their homes. Continue Reading

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Tanzania Accused of Putting Indigenous People at Risk

An investigation by think-tank the Oakland Institute, says government is putting foreign safari companies ahead of Maasai herding communities as environmental tensions grow on the fringes of the Serengeti national park. Continue Reading

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Lessons about Change from Africa’s Largest and Most Valuable Company

A Cape Town-based media group with a 102-year history has been making more cash from the internet than it could have ever imagined from print ads or newspaper subscriptions. Continue Reading

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A Slap in the Face for Nigeria’s Healthcare Workers?

“Health professionals have been on strike now for three weeks, and they aren’t even talking about it… we have poor health infrastructure, an exodus of qualified medical staff and now a strike with no conversation on how to fix it, yet our president jumps off to the U.K. for his own health.” Continue Reading

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End-use Technologies is the Key to Mini-Grid and Enterprise Development

Productive use of energy holds the key to livelihood transformation in Africa’s rural areas. Small industries could improve their production processes and efficiency if they had better access to electricity and technologies. Continue Reading

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One of the George Washingtons of Sierra Leone was a Former American Slave

When the sailing ship anchored in the sheltered estuary of the Sierra Leone River, Thomas Peters and his fellow passengers had finally arrived in what they were told was the promised land. After years of exile, they were part of a pioneering social experiment — the founding of a new colony of freed slaves in Africa. Continue Reading

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The New Faces of Zimbabwe Heat Up the Campaign Trail

Zimbabwe’s ruling party is growing increasingly nervous that it could lose power in its first election without Robert Mugabe at its helm against an opposition emboldened by the end of his 37-year rule. Continue Reading

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In Uganda People Use a Centuries-old Technique to Mine Salt

The work is mainly done by women. It is arduous and often painful, but helps provide for their families. Continue Reading

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Ethiopia’s New Cash Crop

Coffee still remains Ethiopia’s main export but a growing number of farmers say khat’s shorter growing season makes it a more potentially valuable crop. Coffee is also heavily dependent on rain, khat needs less which makes it a more attractive option in areas affected by drought. Continue Reading

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Kenya’s Kickflip Kids

Skateboarding arrived in Kenya about a decade ago, galvanized by the spread of skateboarding videos online.  Now roads and pavements are in better shape, and with skate parks sprouting up, the skate scene has landed on its feet in the East African city — and the skateboarders are turning heads. Continue Reading


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