African Migrants

African Migrants Have Changed Course

Dozens of African migrants found drifting aboard a vessel in the northern coast of Brazil have been rescued. The migrants are believed to be from Senegal, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Cape Verde. Continue Reading

Automanufacturing in Africa

Appetite for Automanufacturing in Africa

As economies, incomes, and personal consumption grow, there is clearly significant opportunity for growth in vehicle purchases. If African nations and regions take the necessary steps to locally industrialize automobile production. Continue Reading

Rwanda’s Health Care

Unanimous Praise for Rwanda’s Strides in Health Care

According to officials, the country’s universal health care system has brought coverage to more than 90 percent of its population. Kagame is an advocate for the adoption of universal health coverage in Africa. Continue Reading

Malawi's power supply

Keeping Malawi Out of Dark Times

Daylong power outages are common for Malawians. Now, the firms in charge of the country’s electricity generation and power supply are turning to diesel-powered heavy-duty generators to stop the East African nation’s already fragile economy from sliding further. Continue Reading

Zimbabwe and Britain

Zimbabwe Rekindles Relationship with Britain

The Southern African nation has applied to rejoin the Commonwealth and has invited the bloc of former British colonies to send observers to its general elections set for this year. Continue Reading

Uganda Health Crisis

Uganda Needs to Avoid a Health Crisis

The lives of hundreds of thousands of Ugandans living with HIV are being put at risk as the country runs out of a drug given to people on antiretroviral drugs to fight infections. Continue Reading

Cyril Ramaphosa

The Opposition Reviews Cyril Ramaphosa’s 100 Days in Office

DA leader Mmusi Maimane said the president’s tenure so far had been “underwhelming”. Continue Reading

Illegal Mining Ghana

How Illegal Mining in Ghana could Drive Up Chocolate Prices

Experts are warning that cocoa shortages in Ghana could lead to an increase in chocolate prices. The West African nation is the world’s second biggest producer of cocoa, but some plantations are being turned into illegal gold mines. Continue Reading

Angola’s Corruption Probe

Switzerland Assists in Angola’s Corruption Probe

Swiss authorities have raided multiple sites as part of a money-laundering probe tied to Angola’s sovereign wealth fund. Continue Reading

Busiest Cities in Africa

The 5 Busiest Cities in Africa

Working in the big city and joining the rat race is a dream for anyone who wants to take themselves out of a life of poverty. In the past few decades, African cities have been growing exponentially, as people move into urban areas for work and play.

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