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Leah’s Family Remains Hopeful

She was one of the 110 schoolgirls kidnapped by members of the terrorist group Boko Haram in February from their school in northeast Nigeria. All the other kidnapped schoolgirls from Dapchi have been freed, except Leah who her friends say refused to renounce her Christian faith to Boko Haram. Continue Reading

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Artifacts Stolen From Ethiopia Revives Controversy in Exhibition

A new artifacts exhibition that opened April 5 at London’s famous Victoria and Albert museum of ancient treasures looted from Ethiopia has revived debate about where such artifacts should reside, highlighting the tensions in putting Western imperialism in Africa and the past to rest. Continue Reading

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So Where is Netflix’s African Telenovela or a Smart Urban Series?

Netflix has changed how the whole world watches TV, not only through streaming and binge-watching, but by creating smart content that local audiences can identify with and pay for. Africa, however, doesn’t seem to be on Netflix’s plan for global TV domination. Continue Reading

Tough Talk from Senegalese Women

Female reporters in Senegal’s Casamance region are breaking the communication barriers between opposing sides. Continue Reading

One of Ghana’s Visual Artists Tackles Economical Issues

Yaw Owusu regularly takes to the streets and markets in Accra, asking people how the government’s economic policies have affected their lives.  Continue Reading

Will Germany Join the Wave and Return African Relics?

Berlin’s longest-standing African is 13 metres tall and carries in his bones the wisdom of 150m years. The skeleton of the Brachiosaurus brancai, the star of the city’s natural history museum, was dug up by a German paleontologist between 1909 and 1913 in Tanzania, then part of the German empire’s largest colony. Continue Reading

Uganda’s Sky High Dreams

By December this year, government will have procured four aircraft as efforts to revive the defunct Uganda Airlines take shape. Continue Reading

Zambia Introduces Fees on Groundwater Use

The government has placed water management on its economic and sustainable development agenda in its seventh national development plan, for the period 2017 to 2021, according to its ministry of energy and water development. Continue Reading

Why African Athletes Don’t Come Back Home

Visiting athletes who went missing during the Commonwealth Games in April may face deportation now their visas have expired. Continue Reading

Why a Strong Publishing Industry is Great for Africa

The potential of this continent is not being realized, despite its rich language offerings. This is evidenced by the lack of integration between the African publishing industry and the global publishing market. Continue Reading

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