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Morocco Sets its Sights on a Slice of the Car Market

In recent years, carmakers like Renault and Peugeot have poured billions of dollars into Morocco, which, in turn, has grown its auto exports to almost $5.3 billion, up from nothing just a few years ago.  Continue Reading

The Man who Captured South Africa’s Symbol of Apartheid Dies

Sam Nzima’s photograph of a dying Hector Pieterson being carried away by a distraught fellow student after security forces opened fire on young people protesting in Soweto township on 16 June 1976 turned the world’s attention to the brutality of the apartheid regime. Continue Reading

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A Powerful Sign of Mutual Tolerance in Tunisia

Tunisia is home to one of North Africa’s largest Jewish communities. Most Jews in Djerba live in Hara Kbira neighborhood, their homes next to Muslim homes, where they exchange visits and gifts at religious events and weddings. Continue Reading

African Footballers Talk about Arsene Wenger

Among the many things that will define Wenger’s legacy following his exit, is his role in establishing African players at the forefront of English football. Continue Reading

Connecting with Her African Lineage

Promise Adamah was born in Ghana but moved to the UK in 1963. She was handed a cache of documents during a trip to Ghana in 2013. They revealed a lot of previously unknown information about her family, which led to an exhibition at the Black Cultural Archives in London. Continue Reading

Why these Young Rwandans are Excited about the Royal Wedding

Children in rural Rwanda have a personal connection to former American actress Meghan Markle. As a Global Ambassador for the Christian humanitarian organization World Vision, Markle visited Rwandan villages where the charity is expanding access to clean water. Continue Reading

Who Wants to Own an African Dictator’s Car?

To offset Gambia’s debt, the government of Adama Barrow, Jammeh’s successor, is selling off the fleet of luxury cars, three private jets and mansions that the deposed dictator couldn’t carry away with him on a plane when he was forced into exile in January 2017. Continue Reading

Bitcoin has Sparked Interest in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s central bank warned against trading in cryptocurrencies, saying virtual currencies such as bitcoin were not regulated in the country. Continue Reading

Swift Response to News of New Ebola Outbreak

The global health outfit, World Health Organisation says it has obtained 4,000 doses of Ebola vaccine and is preparing for deployment in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Continue Reading

Travel Selfies in Africa

With its expansive landscapes and formidable animal life, the world’s second-biggest continent is arguably the best for photographers. Continue Reading

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