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Disillusionment of Living the Middle-class Nigerian Dream

Thousands of comfortably middle-class Nigerians are looking to uproot their families and plant them across the Atlantic. For many, that desire is borne out of growing frustrations with living in a country where basic amenities can often be a luxury despite the trappings of a middle-class life. Read More

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Gas Megahub Project Creates Bigger Market for Gas New Energy Infrastructure

Equatorial Guinea’s government has announced its plans to construct a natural gas megahub project. This will consist of interlinked production, aggregation and processing facilities offshore and onshore, and will tie in to existing facilities. Read More

Egypt is Building a New Capital City

Billed as smart city in the desert, the project is designed to wipe clean the problems of Cairo, and build a glistening new future. Read More

Business Opportunities at Africa’s Oldest and Largest Refugee Camp

A new U.N.-backed study of refugees from the World Bank’s International Financial Corporation says there is a growing consumer base they say is ripe for more private investment in sectors like mobile banking and energy. Read More

Cutting the US from their Deals

Nigeria and China have announced that they will conduct a currency swap amounting to nearly $2.4 billion, making trade between the two countries less reliant on the US dollar. Read More

Is Artificial Intelligence Going to be a Good thing for Africa?

Africa will soon have the world’s second largest population. As the Pan-African economy develops, so does an opportunity that most developed economies lack: the collective choice to embrace emerging technologies and to generate the infrastructure required to support a robust and well equipped future work force. Read More

Lessons about Change from Africa’s Largest and Most Valuable Company

A Cape Town-based media group with a 102-year history has been making more cash from the internet than it could have ever imagined from print ads or newspaper subscriptions. Read More

The DRC has a Mineral that Everyone Wants

Globally, cobalt production is dominated by the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is a moral problem for consumers. Read More

Sidelining Women at the African Union

In a Mail & Guardian exclusive, women voice their dissatisfaction over what they call an “entrenchment of professional apartheid of females in the African Union commission.” Read More

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Ethiopia’s New Cash Crop

Coffee still remains Ethiopia’s main export but a growing number of farmers say khat’s shorter growing season makes it a more potentially valuable crop. Coffee is also heavily dependent on rain, khat needs less which makes it a more attractive option in areas affected by drought. Read More

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