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Foodies, pop champagne and take note. On March 7th, 2013,  launches its Restaurant Guide and names its nine Platinum-rated restaurants. Given the benefit to local tourism in South Africa, the announcement of the nine platinum restaurants is highly anticipated. Four of the restaurants are in the Western Cape, three are in Gauteng, and two in KwaZulu-Natal. Launches New Restaurant Guide Launches New Restaurant Guide

As one of our Culinary Council members Benny Masekwameng of Masterchef South Africa said, “It’s the guide that reaches not only local, but international foodies, and restaurants have to earn their place in the guide…that’s unique.”

In addition to the nine highest rated restaurants, the restaurant guide includes restaurants awarded gold and bronze ratings. All of the restaurants were carefully selected by a team of experts, dubbed the Culinary Council, who live and travel extensively throughout Africa, Europe, the US and Asia.

In addition to Benny Masekwameng, the members of our Culinary Council consist of Richard Harden, co-founder of Harden’s Guides to London and UK Restaurants and Stephen Billingham, President of the South Africa’s Chefs’ Association.

Restaurants are rated according to the quality of their food, the wine list, the service, the ambiance and value for money. Evaluations are done anonymously–with restaurants not knowing when or how it was being evaluated. Evaluators do not accept free meals or any other type of compensation as part of the evaluation process.

“If you are accustomed to dining at the best restaurants, whether in London, New York, Singapore or Rio, then when you come to South Africa, you would want an exceptional dining experience of the same quality. platinum restaurants ensure this level of excellence,” says Benny Masekwameng.

“We are eager for the awards to be announced. Restaurants designated platinum are sure to see their profiles rise in global culinary circles.’s platinum designation means a great deal, as they are exposed to two million internet users monthly from over two hundred countries around the world,” said Stephen Billingham.

Individual feedback comments from the over two million monthly visitors to the website are taken into account when evaluations are done.

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