Advertising Week Partners With Snake Nation And TBTM

Advertising Week Partners With Snake Nation And TBTM. As creatives, media and advertising professionals prepare for Advertising Week Africa (15 – 18 Feb 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa), the most important gathering in the advertising and media industry on the continent, the company has teamed up with Snake Nation and TBTM Studios’ award-winning show, The Mic: Africa, to deliver a day dedicated to the future of youth involvement in media and advertising.

Snake Nation will provide 100 free tickets to University Students via its Snake Nation Societies in the Johannesburg area to attend the Advertising Week and the dedicated youth-focused ‘Building the Future’ track. With its strong network of Universities and Student Societies, Snake Nation drives awareness of its goals to empower African Millennials with their own creative narratives, across 52 campuses with a reach of over 600,000 students in Southern Africa, and via Snake Nation’s partnership with the AASU (All-African Students Union), reaches over 8 million Millennial creatives across the entire continent’s 54 countries – with an extended influencer reach in excess of 300-million.”

Karl Carter, founder and CEO of Snake Nation, is excited about reaching not only a dedicated audience of media and advertising professionals with the company’s vision and message, but also reaching out directly to the youth and millennial participants that will form the backbone of the industry in years to come and also immersing them in the world in which they will play leading roles. “The first Advertising Week Africa gives Snake Nation and our partners a golden opportunity to immerse the young African media and advertising leaders of tomorrow in what the future holds for them and the African continent. We see the industry as a vehicle for change and welcome working with partners to help increase impact. This was a great chance to align with Advertising Week, a juggernaut in the global Media, Tech and Marketing industry, to help create greater reach and catalyze the lives and minds of 100 young creators and innovators from our college society network.”

Lord Matthew Schenker, founder of Advertising Week says: “Snake Nation’s embrace and on the ground connectivity to young people are key ingredients as we deliver on the promise of leveraging the Advertising Week global platform to touch and inspire young people, the next generation of leaders, and amplify some of the incredible stories coming out of Africa. We’re grateful for the partnership with Karl and Team Snake Nation as well as Derrick and the team at TBTM.” ‘Building the Future’ delegates will hear from some of the leading minds in creativity, innovation, and how the next wave of digital monetization will address the intersection of culture, creativity, and community. Questions answered at this track will be: “How do community-driven technologies spawn new creative business models such as NTFs, DAO and Web3? What does the future hold for creators?

Other important activities during the track will include a fintech ‘Snake-a-Thon’ hackathon featuring QNTM Women, a Snake Nation society dedicated to encouraging women to take pursue technology and media-related careers, as well as other youth participants, that will strive to empower youth and build tools and technology that will improve lives within their communities. The program will be topped off by live and metaverse performances from The Mic: Africa. The electrifying cultural event will bring a mix of Hip Hop, Afrobeat, and young emerging artists from Take Back the Mic, to Advertising WeekAfrica, where the best up-and-coming talent from across the continent will be showcased.

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