ABO Capital Continues To Expand Education In Africa Through Partnership With Maple Bear

To Strengthen Early Education At Complexo Escolar Privado Internacional

Maple Bear is a globally recognized Canadian education system already in 33 countries 

Maple Bear is a globally renowned Canadian education system that brings bilingual instruction and international academic standards to schools around the world, setting students up for success in life. The Maple Bear program is currently being rolled out for more than 200 students from pre-K to second grade at a highly reputable ABO owned school in Luanda, and it is expected to be implemented across the remaining primary to high school grades by the next academic year.

“We are always looking to enhance the education of Africa’s youth — our future leaders of tomorrow,” said Zandre Campos, Chairman and CEO of ABO Capital. “We are thrilled to bring the Maple Bear franchise system, which is the largest education group in the world today, to the CEPI school in Angola, and we look forward to partially transitioning to Maple Bear’s curriculum beginning this month.”

The introduction of Maple Bear at CEPI will expand Angola’s English language offerings and help bridge the gap in international education standards throughout the country. This is a key priority for ABO Capital and aligns with Zandre Campos’ vision of educating the leaders of tomorrow, imbued with a strong sense of social responsibility and global citizenship. Already, Maple Bear educates more than 50,000students across 507 early childhood, elementary schools, and high schools worldwide.

“Parents in Angola will no doubt welcome the arrival of Maple Bear Schools, as they seek high-quality education options, particularly those that help position their child for a global future and improve their chances for diversified post-secondary education pathways in English-speaking countries, including, but not limited to, Canada,” said Saurabh Narain, CEO Maple Bear MEA. “The Maple Bear brand has earned the trust of parents across the globe, built through a strong 17-year track record of successfully delivering Canada’s unique bilingual immersion methodology and top-ranked pedagogical approaches. I am confident that these factors will continue to serve us well as we embark on a new chapter of growth and service to parents in Angola.”

Since August, Maple Bear faculty has been at CEPI, conducting training and workshops with teachers and school administrators, including bilingual instruction, classroom setup, lesson planning, and parent engagement. The school has also undergone renovation in compliance with Maple Bear standards, which included an update of classroom furnishings, rebranding of the building facades, and a refresh of common areas and reception points in parts of the complex where parents are to be welcomed. The Maple Bear MEA team based out of the UAE will continue to work in close partnership with the school administration team in Luanda to support the implementation of school operational policies and communications initiatives.

Designed to educate the whole child – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially – Maple Bear schools espouse the belief that quality Canadian education can bring positive change in the world.

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