A Major Step in the Search for Justice for Years of Abuses Committed under Jammeh’s Rule

A court in Germany has sentenced a Gambian man to life in prison for his role in a paramilitary unit that killed opponents of former ruler Yahya Jammeh. Bai Lowe, 47, was a driver for the unit known as “the Junglers”, and was convicted of crimes against humanity, murder and attempted murder. Among the crimes he was linked to was the killing of newspaper editor Deyda Hydara in his car in 2004. The unit was widely seen as a death squad targeting opponents of Mr Jammeh. He ruled The Gambia with an iron fist from 1996 until he went into exile in 2017 after losing elections. A truth and reconciliation commission set up after he left power heard from hundreds of witnesses about executions squads and other alleged rights violations committed under his 22-year rule.


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