6+ Simple Steps to Having a Healthy Pregnancy

healthy pregnancy

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest moment for a lot of women. Having a good healthy pregnancy goes beyond physical health. Being healthy is essential during pregnancy as well as having mental calmness. This is the reason why we are going to discuss amazing keys to a healthy and happy pregnancy.

1Eat and drink healthy

What you consume during your pregnancy is very important. During this period, you need to eat a well varied and balanced diet. Eat foods rich in nutrients and vitamins such as iodine, folic acid and calcium. The diet should be based on fruits, vegetables, legumes and dairy products, do not forget fish and meat proteins. A well balanced diet needs to have enough hydration (drinking enough water and natural health juice).

2Take the recommended vitamin supplements

To complement eating a healthy diet, you have to take vitamin supplements such as folic acid, calcium, iodine and iron that your doctor recommends. These mineral and supplements helps the fetus to grow properly and avoids deficiencies that can cause complications to both the mother and the baby.

3Engage in exercise during pregnancy

To be in perfect well-being and weight, it’s essential to engage in physical exercise recommended for pregnant women. Performing moderate and regular exercise will improve your cardiovascular and muscular condition and is advantageous to postural correction. All this provide a pregnant woman with a better physical condition that makes her strong enough to face pregnancy and childbirth without any complications.

4Go to medical visits

Visiting your gynecologist regularly for tests and obtain adequate prenatal care is highly recommended. This way, you will be monitor both your health and the baby. A gynecologist will guide and give you the necessary advice during your nine month of pregnancy until childbirth. Furthermore the prenatal tests will give you peace of mind and help you to “get closer” to the baby and with the ultrasound.

5Wear appropriate clothes

Changing your wardrobe (including your shoes) once you are pregnant is important. You have to wear comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate to your increasing weight and volume. Maternity wear helps the blood circulate better and it’s not harmful to the baby at all. Nowadays, you can still look fashionable by wearing stylish maternity wear.

6Pampering your mind during pregnancy

When pregnant, you need to avoid stress at all cost. This is why you need to pamper your mind by relaxing as much as possible. Find your tranquility by doing things that you love and not harmful to the baby. Relaxation exercise at the comfort of your home also come in handy during pregnancy.

7Take good rest during pregnancy

Sleeping and resting should be a nom during pregnancy. Fatigue and sleep can accompany you from the first moment as one of the first symptoms of pregnancy and hopefully will disappear. However, it’s more than likely you will feel very tired and sleepy again in the final phase of pregnancy. It is what the body needs and we must listen to it. So, rest as much as possible without forgetting that moderate exercise will make you rest and sleep better.

8Childbirth classes

Attending childbirth classes can be very beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Interacting with other pregnant women and sharing experiences will open your mind to discover that you are not the only one who has doubts or fears. You will also acquire knowledge and awareness about the changes in your body. In addition you will learn concepts about the phases of childbirth, baby hygiene and breastfeeding thus feel more prepared for the changes that lie ahead.

9Communicate with the baby

Talking to the baby, communicating with him and playing music will make him feel closer thus preparing you for the moment you will hold him in your arms. Know how your baby is growing month by month, write a letter or keep a diary of your pregnancy and respond to the kicks. All these simple activities will make your pregnancy memorable and enjoyable. The possible discomforts of our pregnancy are forgotten in these moments of communication.

Remember, to have a healthy pregnancy requires a happy pregnancy. You have to take care of mind and body in this delicate stage of your life full of emotions and sometimes contradictory sensations.

By Nelly Gachanja

Nelly Gachanja
Nelly is a digital marketing professional responsible for managing Africa.com’s social media platforms. During her leisure time, Nelly loves cooking and working on her Kenyan food blog Talkingtonelly.com. She also enjoys catching up with current affairs, updating her African music collection, watching movies, traveling, and spending time with family.