African Website Design Ideas

5 African Website Design Ideas For Your New Site

There are a lot of wrong ideas that most people have when it comes to building an African website. From the belief that there are few people that use websites, to the misconception that there are little or no website designers in Africa. If you are trying to build a website with an African design, there are various ideas that you can explore. A good website design, whether African or not, must capture the attention of the user, break contents into smaller parts to keep users scrolling, be unique and convey emotions. There are five major African website design ideas that you can explore anytime that you want to build a website. 

  1. High-Quality Images: One of the things that you need to consider when you want to build a website with an African design is using clear hero images with high quality. These hero images should be distinctive and stand out. For example, if it is a website for African meals, there should be a lot of images of delicious African delicacies on display immediately people visit your website. These images will captivate the attention of your visitors, and evoke their emotions. The major reason why you need hero images on display is so that you can guide the eyes of visitors down the page.
  2. Page Speed: In a world where time as an expensive commodity is constantly increasing in value. Nobody wants to waste any time in the process of going through a website. This is why when you build a website, you should always consider speed optimization. Overlooking speed as a design element is at the detriment of your website. Hence, speed optimization should not be overlooked. Most people cannot wait for more than three seconds for anything to load, and once they leave the website out of impatience, they rarely return. The worst impression of a website that people can ever have is that it is very slow. To optimize your website for speed, make sure every photo is optimized, and compress every file you upload so that they will open quicker.
  3. SEO: It is a common saying that a website is designed for the user. While this is in every way true, SEO is also very important. To improve the SEO of your website, there are a lot of modern design elements that you can use for your website. These SEO boosting elements cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, they are present in the back-end coding of your posts and pages. Heading tags, title tags, and meta tags are some of the design tricks that are used by websites to appear at the top of Google’s search engine. One of the ways to make sure that the elements you use are relevant to your website is to contact SEO consultants who will guide you through this process professionally. 
  4. User-Friendliness: While it is good for your website to rank high on Google’s search engine, it is better to design your website to be user-friendly. Focusing on SEO alone is a common mistake that most websites make out of desperation. Before a company thinks of making its website rank high on Google or any other search engine, it must first make sure that the website’s design is user-friendly. The best advice regarding design for anyone that wants to build a website is that they should prioritize content over SEO. This makes your visitors loyal since they get valuable information from your website. Once Google notices that people are coming back to your website, and spending more time on it, it moves your website up the list of websites that have products or services that are similar to yours.
  5. Videos: One of the things that influence the decision-making process of users that pay for things online is high-quality videos. Most people who visit your site to patronize you will be looking for a video to help them determine if your product or service meets their needs. There is no need for long, in-depth videos. The videos should be short, straightforward, and explanatory. These videos should be placed in different places on the website in a strategic manner and they can add elegance to your website. Adding these videos to your website’s design will lead to a boost in sales.

All that you need to design your African website has been treated one after the other. Remember that an African website will showcase and promote African culture so your African website says a lot about the continent. You represent the continent with your website, ensuring that you make the continent proud with your design. Incorporate African arts and legends in the background to make people aware that they are on an African website.

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