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10 Markets Off the Beaten Path in Cape Town

When visiting the city of Cape Town, there are some obvious tourist attractions to visit.  However, there are also some great treasures to be discovered amongst some of the local, off the beaten path, Markets.

In and around the city centre and the Cape Winelands, there are a multitude of varying markets that are worth your while.  Be sure to explore some of them on your next visit to Cape Town.

Cape Town City-Centre Markets

The following three markets are nestled within the rush of busy city life, cathedrals, museums, and a variety of businesses.  Street cafés provide a great opportunity to sit down and refresh while still enclosed in the cosmopolitan of city-market life.

It’s hard to find any other setting with such unique diversity, breathing together within a five-mile radius from one another.  

Greenmarket Square

The Greenmarket Square is one of the better-known tourist attractions within the city centre.  Trading with African artefacts and clothes printed with African motives, it proves a collaboration of African assortment.  The sounds of world languages pulls you into a maze of local diversity.

Vendors unpack and organize their merchandise with a lazy-care while locals and tourists flounder through the tightly-squeezed passageways.  It’s a place where African art is exhibited as part of the heart of South Africa.

Adderley Street Flower Market

When entering the isles of this sweet little market, just after 9 am, it has already been a busy morning.  Vendors proudly sit at their stalls and kindly invite you to have a look at their pride and joy.  Processing the flowers (cutting stems, color coding, forming unique bouquets) happens right there on the street, making you a part of the whole procedure.

Happy, lively conversation between vendors draws you in to stand closer and catch the energy of their banter.  It’s truly a unique experience to be drawn into the beauty of both their dialogue and the sweet hue of their fresh flowers.

“Ek’t hom gesê hy kannie so maak nie…”
  I told him he couldn’t do that… 

The flower market is open daily from 7 am to 8 pm.

St. Georges Mall

Just a street away from the Green Market Square lays this small, cozy, little food market.  It has a lovely outdoor setting with the aroma of freshly baked goods drawing you in.  Nestled between rows of urban structures, it speaks of both providing a service and making a living in an ever-challenging economy.

A variety of cuisines can be found in this tiny market, including decadent sweet fudge, fresh fruits and vegetables, and hearty meals. 

Spier Craft Market

This market is unique in the sense that it is situated on one of the familiar wine farms in the Cape Winelands.  With a beautiful background of mountains, vineyards, a dam, and green lawns, this market is ideal for the traveller who is looking to relax.

The market space is built in a circular form, indicative of the hut-shaped, rural living spaces throughout greater Africa.  With a ground covering of wood chips, it gives an authentic and creative feel to the work crafted here by the artists.

All the artists are stationed at their individual stalls, and exclusive to this market is the fact that one can learn to do mosaic, beadwork, and pottery on site. 

Lourensford Twilight Market

Beautifully laid out on the Lourensford Estate in Somerset-West, this night market offers an experience definitely not to be missed.  The Twilight Market hosts live entertainment and a vast assortment of food stalls.  With face paint for the kids, fountains to play in, and endless lawns on which to run, or lazily sip a glass of wine, this market offers something for the whole family.

“Be it to escape city life, or to experience something slightly off the beaten track, the Lourensford Market has become the trendiest new stop.”

The Twilight Market is open every Friday evening from 5 pm – 9 pm. (Not during the winter months).

Old Biscuit Mill

The Old Biscuit Mill consists of a variety of shops, businesses and market stalls. Based in Woodstock, Cape Town, it can be quite windy, but this doesn’t take away from the diversity of the market.  Live music entertains wanderers while they meander through the authentic landscape of fresh produce and mouth-watering foodstuff.

With two main parts to the Mill, it is the perfect setting for a quick business meeting or a meeting place for old and new friends.  It hosts an atmosphere of the ideal combination between work and play!

When visiting the Old Biscuit Mill, be sure to take an Uber.  Parking spaces are really difficult to find ☺

Stellenbosch Slow Market

This authentic market is the ideal place to unwind after a busy week. Situated on the outskirts of Stellenbosch surrounded by a brilliant mountain range, it provides the perfect setting in which to slow down.  With graciously calm sounds and smells filling the air, this place creates an opportunity for everyone to relax.  Seating spaces throughout the market allow you to take a breather whenever you need to while sipping on one of the many fresh and original drinks.

The smell of freshly baked breads awakens the appetite to a day filled with flavors and possibilities.  And, among the many food options, you are sure to find exactly what you weren’t looking for – a delicious, new, fresh delicatessen. 

Mojo Market

This bustling market is now open seven days a week.  With the sound of live entertainment hovering in the air, it is the ideal place to browse for clothing, unique gifts, and an assortment of food. 

This huge indoor market is quickly becoming an important part of the Sea Point community.  Displaying a multitude of fresh produce, food stalls, clothes, jewellery, and homeware, the Mojo Market is a definite must-see on your to-do list.  Added to this wide selection of goods is the astounding variety of the Mojo Coffee Collective.  It showcases a variety of local coffee roasters, of which some is roasted on site. 

Oranjezicht City Farm Market

This original farmer’s market is situated close to the V&A Waterfront.  Its outdoor seating and fresh, organically grown produce is an open invitation to the whole family.  Trading every Saturday, it provides a great opportunity to do your weekly produce shopping.  The earthy smell of health is invitation enough to go organic.

There is a great assortment of vegetables, fruits, organic dairy products, honey, meats, and much more to select from.  Amazing breakfasts and lunches are also served to enjoy at the market or to have as a take-away.

Waterfront Food and Craft Market

This market might not be completely off the beaten path, but an article written about markets in the Cape Town area cannot not include the Waterfront Food and Craft Market.  These are two separate markets located just a few-hundred meters from one another.  It is impossible to talk about one without the other ☺

The Watershed Craft Market is located right next to the Aquarium at the Waterfront.  It is the biggest indoor craft market in South Africa, and a visit there should definitely not be missed.  The smell of remarkable craftsmanship bedazzles you as you walk through the passages of great African artistry.

Similarly, the V&A Food Market hosts a multitude of different cuisines to be tried and tested.  There is definitely something there to titillate every palate. 

“From the nutella crepes, array of different teas, selection of artisan food and, not to mention opens every day, this was a gem and absolute pleasure.”
Hassina Ebrahim

Blaauwklippen Family Market

The name says it all – Family Market.  Blaauwklippen is situated just off of the R44 outside of Stellenbosch and is the ideal family outing for a Sunday morning.  With lots of activities for the kids, and endless lawns to rid them of their energy, it is an idyllic setting for friends and family to meet and relax.

Live entertainment provides a festive atmosphere while winding through the great variety of crafts, clothes, jewellery, fresh produce, and food stalls.  Sounds of laughter and friendly chatter amongst friends invites you into a stress-free, festive atmosphere.

The week before Christmas, the Market is open every day from 4 pm to 9 pm.  

Root 44

The Root 44 Market is open every Saturday and Sunday no matter what the weather holds.  Based on its unique setting and variety of activities, it is quickly becoming a favorite among locals.  

This is no regular market, as it has recently joined the parkrun community, a phenomenon which seems to have taken the world by storm.  The set route, surrounded by a great mountain range and vineyards, could most likely be one of the prettiest routes. ☺

Root 44 hosts a variety of goods in which to indulge, including:
  • Homeware
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Clothing
  • Activities for the kids
  • Gourmet foods
  • Health and beauty items
  • Accessories
  • Fresh produce
  • Foot wear
  • Craft beverages
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