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Sign Language Across Africa

Most (if not all) indigenous signed languages in Africa today are marginalized, dominated and suppressed by foreign signed languages. Yet well-developed signed languages are cited to have been in use in African deaf communities as far back as the 15th century. Over 300 signed languages are used globally. Some have risen to national use, others are at regional level, others, are still regarded as village signs. In Africa only about four signed language varieties have received some kind of constitutional recognition in their home countries – Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe. They all have a significant foreign signed language

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Africa.com Definitive List

The Women Who Run Big Business in Africa

Africa.com undertook a rigorous research project to identify not just high-profile personalities, but the women who actually run the largest, most complex businesses on the African continent.  The result is called The Africa.com Definitive List

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South Sudan ‘determined to never go back to war’

South Sudan is “ready to turn a new page” towards greater peace, development and prosperity, Vice-President Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior said in her speech in the UN General Assembly on Friday.  A decade after gaining independence from Sudan, the country remains “on a path

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Angola Cables Launches Sales Partnership Programme

LUANDA, Angola, 23 September 2021 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- Angola Cables, a multinational provider of global connectivity solutions has launched a Sales Partnership Programme giving service providers and vendors the opportunity to market a range of products and

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Ghana teachers embrace digital learning

·    Switch to all-virtual model enables teachers from all 16 regions to take part in Train-the-Trainer sessions·    Survey reveals teachers wish to continue virtual model even after pandemic subsides·    AfriCanCode Challenge mobilises youth enthusiasm for digital skills ACCRA,

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