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Backstage With … CEO and Executive Editor Teresa Clarke sat down with three of Africa’s leading women.  This five part video series features Dr. Mamphela Ramphele, Ambassador Ali and Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

Africa Straight Up

With more than a billion people spread across 54 countries speaking more than 3,000 languages, Africa cannot — and should not — be limited to a single narrative. Africa Straight Up is an insider’s look at positive stories about Africa.

Thought Leaders

Our video series, “Thought Leaders,” showcases some of Africa’s brightest minds. We sat down with Africa’s leading thinkers, innovators and trailblazers to address key topics affecting the continent’s economic future.

Lira – The Biggest Challenge of Africa

Teresa H. Clarke – Bridging the Diaspora Divide Travels with President Obama to Africa

The Scoop

  • Dr Catherine Masitsa, entrepreneur, the scroop

The Scoop with Dr Catherine Masitsa

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In this episode of The Scoop, Salim Amin chats to Dr Catherine Masitsa, CEO and Founder of Samantha’s Bridal, the leading wedding planning company in East Africa. Samantha’s Bridal is also a magazine dedicated to [...]

  • Congolese rapper Lexxus Legal

The SCOOP with Lexxus Legal

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In this episode of The Scoop, Salim Amin chats Congolese rapper Alex Dende, aka Lexxus Legal. Lexxus Legal started his career in 1993, founding the group Brute Black Thought (PBN). They released a 6-CD title in [...]

  • Juliana Rotich, Executive Director of Ushahidi Inc-Kenya

THE SCOOP with Juliana Rotich

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In this episode of The Scoop, Salim Amin chats to Juliana Rotich, Executive Director of Ushahidi Inc and responsible for the overall management of Ushahidi, partnerships and support of the Ushahidi team. She has worked in [...]

  • Owuor Arunga Kenya, Africa

THE SCOOP with Owuor Arunga

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In this episode of The Scoop, Salim Amin chats to musician Owuor Arunga. The jazz trumpeter was born in Kisumu in Kenya and moved to New York in the early 2000s, where he studied in The [...]

  • rodney charles and francis onelum interview

THE SCOOP with Salim Amin: In Conversation with Rodney Charles and Francis Onelum

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In this episode of The Scoop, Salim Amin chats to Rodney Charles and Francis Onelum. Charles is an award winning writer, filmmaker and actor. He is the writer, producer of ‘Once Upon A Time’ a BBC [...]

  • Zwai Bala on the scoop with salim amin in South Africa, Africa

The Scoop: In Conversation with Zwai Bala

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In this episode of The Scoop, Salim Amin chats to South African musician and producer Zwai Bala. At the age of 11 he entered The Shell Road to Fame in 1986 and reached the semi-finals, [...]

  • The Documentary on Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs Transforming Africa

WATCH: Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs Transforming Africa Documentary

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Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurs Transforming Africa The story of one man's vision to harness and unleash the ingenuity and creativity of Africa's entrepreneurs to spur innovation and economic development on the continent. The [...]

The Scoop with Ciku Kimeria

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In this episode of "The Scoop," Salim Amin chats to writer,  blogger and consultant Ciku Kimeria. Apart from beingDalberg Africa’s Regional Communications Manager, Kimeria is also a published author. Her first novel,  “Of Goats and Poisoned [...]

  • woman selling farm produce-Africa

Improving Food Security

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Mamadou Biteye, MD of the Rockefeller Foundation chats to CNBC Africa about the various strategies to improve food security in Africa.

  • Two professionals working in a Tech hub, Kampala, Uganda, Africa.

How Technology Can Boost Economic Growth

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James Mwangi, Executive Director of the Dalberg Group, chats to CNBC Africa about the importance of stimulating economic growth through technological advancement.

  • africa map

Digital Transformation and Innovation

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Director of Corporate and Legal Affairs at Microsoft 4Afrika, Louis Otieno, chats to CNBC about the 4th Industrial Revolution, and how it's set to help drive Africa's economy forward.

  • irokotv app

Useful Mobile Apps in Africa

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Africa has proven itself to be the hub of mobile phone usage and growth, with studies by the Pew Research Center showing that while only one in ten individuals on the continent owned a mobile [...]