On first watch of “The Olive Garden Song“, you might be left feeling somewhat puzzled.
That was our first reaction at Africa.com.

So we watched it again, and again.

In it we are introduced to Manyang Reath. We see him meeting Beyoncé and later sharing the stage with international model Alek Wek.

Then we see him singing “The Olive Garden Song”. Reath though, is not a musician. The 24-year old is a former refugee. Part of the Lost Boys of Sudan, Reath was born in the southern town Akobo. He moved to the United States about six years ago, and a year later he started his organization, Humanity Helping Sudan Project (HHSP) – aimed at raising awareness and funds to help other Sudanese refugees.

Manyang Reath and beyonce dancing in the studio

Manyang Reath and Beyoncé Dancing.

HHSP is the reason why, in just one day, he gathered a bunch of friends, took them to one of his favorite local restaurants, “The Olive Garden”, and shot a 3-minute “music video”. The message, Reath tells us, is to inform people about food and humanitarian causes in Sudan. “I want to tell it in way to relate to young audience, not just making a speech standing in front of a mic”, he says.

“The Olive Garden Song” has all the ingredients of a viral video. It has a catchy tune, simple lyrics (there’s even a smiley face ala karaoke to guide you through the words), and a sprinkling of silliness. Africa.com asked him what the reaction has been since the video was posted online. “Some people will call me and laugh very hard. They say I’m so funny, they’ve never seen that side of me”.

It’s our video of the week because it’s catchy and entertaining to watch. But most of all because it has an important message about an important cause.

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