Sometimes you come across a video online that leaves you stunned and questioning, “Can this be real?”. Today’s Video of the Week does just that.

In the two minute video, the then 7-year-old Ghanaian boy named Nana Kyei (he should be a teenager by now as the video was first posted in 2008), uses only his hands and mouth to make some incredible sounds. Expect to see some crazy beatboxing skills. The video has been online for a while and has recently come back on the radar. Its already gotten over 100 000 views since being re-posted. Comments on the video post range from: “Does anyone know how he’s doing this?!” to “Now that is epic never seen anybody do this”.

Nana Kyei beat boxing in Ghana, Africa.

Nana Kyei the Ghanaian beat boxing boy

Little is known about they boy described as a “musical prodigy”. He’s titled as “Mr Rhythm machine”, and the only other detail given is that he’s reportedly from Wassa Ateiku in western Ghana.

Watch, listen and prepare to be amazed:

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