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Africa Fashion Weekly: Score Card – Three Must-Dos For Africa’s Luxury Fashion Entrepreneurs To Capitalize on Global Sporting Events

Since the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament’s kicked off earlier this year weeks ago in Brazil, fans across the world have been interested in country-specific fan gear or sporting wear. Quite apart from the basic [...]

Did Shakira Steal From THESE Men To Make Her South Africa World Cup Anthem?

What do you think of the new World Cup anthem? We still love South Africa‘s 2010 World Cup anthem, “Waka Waka,” but did you know its based off on original song released in the 1940s by Cameroon‘s [...]

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The Blessing Was Being There: Ruminations from the 2010 World Cup

Being there was so special. As a child, I had the privilege of being in Atlanta for the 1996 Centennial Olympics. The magnitude of the Olympics was enormous for our city. In fact, Atlanta’s current [...]

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Rumit’s African Journey June 2010: PART 4 – SOUTH AFRICA

We attended the Slovenia v the Netherlands game (Group of 16) and while the game was obviously one-sided (the Dutch side), the entertainment was really in the stands among 62,000 fans, the vast majority of [...]

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The World Cup’s Impact on South Africa’s Economy

“Economically, the tournament has been a success,” said South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma this week at the Investec global investment conference in Cape Town. “We can safely say that we have good returns on our [...]

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Watch the World Cup with!

Argentina has rarely lost a World Cup opener, but Nigeria held its own as they battled against the reigning favorites. We cheered and toasted as Vincent Enyeama vigilantly protected the Nigerian goal, consumed by the [...]

  • 2010_FIFA_World_Cup Users Win Tickets to the 2010 World Cup!

Registered users were automatically entered to win tickets to the games, which are taking place until July 11 in South Africa.   Our winners will experience the excitement of the Cup in person as teams [...]

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Resigning from Goldman Sachs to Return Africa’s Embrace

The answers are love, love of Africa, and an unquenchable desire to change the way the world views Africa.  Most people think of Africa as a continent stricken with poverty, disease and wars or as [...]