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Teresa Clarke Joins Cim Financial Services’ Board of Directors

Cim Financial Services Ltd (Group) today announced that Teresa Clarke, founding chairman and CEO of Africa.com, has been elected to Cim Financial Services’ board of directors. Teresa Clarke, Chairman and CEO - Africa.com [...]

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Africa.com CEO Teresa Clarke Appointed to President Obama’s New Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker announced that Africa.com CEO Teresa Clarke is among the 15 private sector leaders who have been appointed to the newly established President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa [...]

How To Bridge The African Diaspora Divide [VIDEO]

“Why do we have a continent of a billion people and yet we have such a small voice in geopolitics?” “Why do we have a continent that is richer than any continent on the earth [...]

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The Inside Story – Traveling with Obama Day 3

The “story” of this trip, as crafted by the White House, is a very strong one for the American people. (This is my interpretation, not anything put forth by the White House.) Day One: Start by [...]

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The Inside Story – Traveling with Obama Day 1

This is a personal diary account of Africa.com CEO and executive editor Teresa Clarke’s experiences as part of the Official Press Corp travelling with U.S. President Barack Obama on his historic state visit to Africa. [...]

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Africa.com Invited to Join Obama in Africa

Reagan went to Russia in 1987 and delivered his famous speech at the Berlin Wall, which is credited for being the beginning of the end of the Cold War. Before that, Nixon went to China in [...]

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Africa.com CEO Honored For African Scholarship Initiative

Teresa Clarke, the Chairman and CEO of Africa.com, is to be honored by Education Africa and Brand South Africa for her contribution to education. The gala event to be held in New York City on [...]

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Why I Was Invited to the White House

Teresa Clarke giving a speech on ‘Doing Business in Africa’. It was an experience that I hadn’t dared imagine for my personal bucket list: an invitation to be the keynote speaker at the [...]

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Doing Business in Africa: Ten Things No One Ever Told You

You’ve seen the headlines, you’ve heard the news: Africa is a hot economic commodity. “It’s the next China or Dubai,” you say over the water cooler at work. Happiness Godfrey's (40) Agricultural supplies shop in [...]

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Africa.com, one of the leading sources for Africa news and information, held an exclusive party last week to celebrate the redesign of their website and the release of their brand new documentary Africa Straight Up! [...]