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Active Young Citizens: Learning From History is the Only Way Forward

An active citizen is an informed citizen, someone who is aware of the basic challenges facing his or her communities and country. It is only when you become fully aware of the problems facing you that you [...]

Black Gold

It must have been during those hazy childhood years whilst watching attentively as my grandmother put on her best dress and those glimmering brown shoes as she made her way to her Madam that I [...]

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To Be an African in the Diaspora

I have always wondered what it would mean to be a member of the African Diaspora. I have been found guilty on numerous occasions dreaming about my desires to one day leave the continent to [...]

Common History, Common Future

If there is one thing to learn from Africa’s history, it is the fact that whatever happens in one part of the continent ultimately has significant repercussions for the others. From the rise of early [...]

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The European Union Debt Crisis: Lessons for Africa

As we have seen over the past few years, the 2008 financial crisis in the U.S led to an economic crisis within the E.U. In December 2008, E.U. leaders met and agreed on a €200 [...]

For Service and Leadership: SAWIP 2012 Community Service Project

Community service and development, core elements of the SAWIP curriculum, were expressed through individual and team projects on Saturday 8th September 2012 at Marian High School in Cape Town South Africa. At the SAWIP orientation [...]

Thoughts on Defining “Africa”

I have always been interested in the way people perceive things that they have never experienced firsthand. To some extent, a person’s preconception of a country, city, or even culture reveals much about the perception [...]


Building Organizations Around People, Not Profit

A question that businesspeople constantly ask themselves is: “How do we become more profitable?” This is a valid question for people who live and function in the world of business, or who are involved in [...]