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#5 – Somaliland Hopes Brexit Will Yield Results For Its Soverignty Goals

The government of Somaliland believes the impending split marks a pivotal moment, one that will free the UK to grant the self-declared state the international recognition it has been seeking for more than 25 years. [...]

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#2 – Somaliland Wants To Secede, Is That A Bad Thing?

Any separation involves the recognition of an accepted border between the two states involved. In the case of both Eritrea and South Sudan this has proved contentious. Read More >> Source: Mail & Guardian Africa

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#6 – Parents Go All Out To Keep Their Children Home

In Somaliland, parents are trying to dissuade their children from dangerous and illegal migration to Europe by buying them second-hand cars that can be operated as taxis. Read More >> Source: Quartz Africa

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#9 – Both Sides Of Somaliland

The autonomous enclave is often portrayed as the success story compared to the war and hunger experienced in neighbouring Somali, but Somaliland has its own dark history. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera

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Investing in Somaliland (Part II)

The map of Somalia Africa Last week, we looked at investing in Somaliland, whose economy is characterized by its informality, and entrepreneurship. This week, we delve into different sectors, starting with the telecommunications [...]

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Investing in Somaliland- Is it Dubai 20 Years Ago?

Somaliland. Not Somalia. Somaliland has been an independent region of Somalia proper for more than 20 years. Yet, most Westerners do not associate the former British protectorate with 20 years of independence and stability but [...]