Sierra Leone

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African Christmas Traditions To Mark the Festive Season

There are more than 350 million Christians who celebrate Christmas in Africa. Many western Christmas traditions are now part of African Christmas culture, including buying trees, singing Christmas carols and children waiting for Christmas presents from Father Christmas. If you are looking for an authentic African Christmas experience, here’s [...]

  • Signs during student protest in Sierra Leone

#1 – Students In Sierra Leone Just Found Out They Can’t Say What They Like On WhatsApp

The arrest and detainment of a student for sharing a message on social media has become a focal point for unrest about expressive freedom in Sierra Leone. Read More >> Source: The Guardian

  • Seaweed on Sierra Leone coastline

#9 – Deadly Seaweed Creeps Into Sierra Leone

A thick carpet of smelly seaweed has smothered beaches in Sierra Leone, threatening marine life as well as the country's tourism and fishing industries. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera

#9 – Sierra Leone’s Cocoa Revival

A training programme for youth in Sierra Leone brings 4,500 hectares of land back to life through cocoa farming. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera

#4 – Militias In Sierra Leone Take On New Threat

Working as a park ranger in the remote Gola Forest in southern Sierra Leone is a dangerous business, but Konneh is not afraid. Read More >> Source: Al Jazeera

  • Yusuf Kabba (center) talks with Ebola survivors in Freetown’s Magazine Wharf—one of the city’s largest slums where the disease hit families hard. Yusuf is President of the Sierra Leone Association of Ebola Survivors

#9 – Sierra Leone’s Wealthy Re-Emerge In A Country Hit Hard By Ebola

After the devastation of Ebola, nightlife is back in full-swing for the elite of Freetown. Get a glimpse of the scene and what it means for Sierra Leone. Read More >> Source: FT Wealth

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African Leaders: Two Inspiring Humanitarians that are also Political Leaders

This is the story of two inspiring African leaders: Graça Simbine Machel the former First Lady of Mozambique and of South Africa, and Zainab Bangura, the first woman to run for the Presidency in Sierra Leone. Each has worked for women’s rights and good governance. Each has years of service [...]

Africa Finance Corporation Expands Into East Africa

Rwanda and Uganda brings AFC’s membership to 13 Rwanda and Uganda are the first East African countries to become members of Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), a leading development finance institution for infrastructure projects in Africa. AFC is progressively aligning its country membership with its operational footprint, consistent with a carefully [...]

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Top 3 Investment Opportunities in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, today, bears little resemblance to the late 1990s when a civil war left the country’s infrastructure and economy decimated. It also left behind 14 main ethnic groups who did not trust each other and ensured that the country became one of the poorest in the world. Since 2001, [...]

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Michaela DePrince: From “Spotty” to the Spotlight

“She has spots”, was the warning from care takers at the orphanage. Elaine DePrince didn’t care. She had travelled more than 4300 miles (close to 7000 kilometers) from New Jersey to Sierra Leone to adopt a little girl named Mia, but when she was told her friend Michaela might never [...]

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